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October 21, 2009


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Liz Mack

I have been trying to find a scent called 'Graffiti,' which I think I bought in Canada in the early 70's--it was French; not the Escada (now-discontinued) scent. Any info?


Hi Liz, vintage Graffiti by Capucci is all over eBay. You should have no trouble finding it!

Ramón Jurado

I really really love this perfume, I don't really know why. It's been a journey that's for sure, at first I adored it, then I hated it and now I finally adore it again. I guess I didn't know where it stood when it comes to creativity and quality. So I tried to find other green perfumes to compare it too, of course there are none, the genre is dead, all the others are woody florals, not greens, there is only Vent Vert and Vent Vert smells like Baygon tbh, and in its current formulation is no match to Futur AT ALL. Futur is probably the only last green fragrance on the market today and that makes it incredibly important, plus to me it is GREEN in scent form. Not green as in vegetable like Vent Vert which is disgusting tbh, but green as in the color green in scent form. It's like a green fairy, I absolutely love it. And I loved what you said about perfumes being a constant present because they are.

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