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October 24, 2009


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Y *is* gorgeous and, sadly, overlooked. I'd have never found it if it wasn't for reading the glowing reviews on basenotes, makeupalley, nowsmellthis etc.

Keep up the great work with your blog! We have similar tastes and I'm enjoying your straightforward style.


Wow, I love this review, I find it quite deep and reflective. And I think that you are spot on with your description of civet as "an ineffable sense of disquietude." That's how I perceive it too. Like the luckless women who go swimming in the Jaws movies. They surface and look around the calm waters with a look of confusion and unease. They just know something's "not right." That to me is civet, a note of pretty danger in an otherwise happy fragrance.


Thanks, Robin! It was wonderful fun reading this scent. It made me feel like a medium. Or a perfume whisperer if you will. :)


Is Y similar to Private Collection?


Hi estie,

Private Collection is much sharper and greener. Y is a softer floral...

Mrs B

Hello, does anyone remember a YSL perfume that had a red heart for a lid & a square bottle? Anyone know it's name or if it's still available? Thank you


Hi, Mrs. B. That doesn't ring a bell. Maybe look up all the YSL fragrances and then do a Google image search on all of them? It's probably an obscure one. Good luck!

ms p

you wouldn't be thinking of "in love again"? Im sure my original bottle had a red heart for a lid?


Hi Mrs. B., could it be Vice Versa?


My mother in law has a metal Gold bottle of Y and I don't know if it is "bad" or if I just don't like it at all. I thought it might be Rive Gauche but it is not blue and the bottom has Y in the middle of the label. A NY USA address. 2 1/4 oz parfum de toilette. Is it authentic and could it have gone bad. I don't think it was ever used. Any information you can provide would be helpful.
Thanks, Gail


I think it will not be "Bad" since it is unused, will be wrapped original and stood quite cold. Try it, but it will not fit to blond ladies.

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