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December 13, 2009


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I remember Anne Klein II, which was a lovely fragrance considering the decade it came from, but a former co-worker of mine only wore the original Anne Klein, which was phenomenal on her:soft, feminine and classy. If you think Anne Klein II is scarce, I have seen miniatures of Anne Klein selling for over $100.00!!!!


I lucked out, Brigitte. I found it on a weird auction site (the mini) for only a few dollars. Whew!

Cindy Wilson

I really loved this perfume and had lots of compliments when I wore it. Sure wish it would come back, can't understand why it wouldn't with all the positive revues. I would love to buy the rights to it and manufacture this perfume.


Hi Cindy. So many of us perfume lovers feel this way about a perfume we love. It's unclear to me why so many new perfumes arrive on the market that aren't particularly interesting, and discontinued perfumes remain so. Now that IFRA has banned so many crucial perfume ingredients (oakmoss, clove, nutmeg, etc.), it appears even if perfumers wanted to resurrect the greats they would be unable to use key ingredients. Pretty ridiculous all because a few rodents overdosed with those ingredients might have gotten cancer...

Cindy Wilson

Can you point me in the right direction for a similar scent to the Anne Klein II perfume. I would truly appreciated it.

Cindy Wilson



Anne Klein II and Calvin Klein's Obsession (also released in 1985) smell quite similar. I'm not sure what the reformulated Obsession smells like (or if it's even around?), but vintage Obsession should be cheaper to get than Anne Klein II. Good luck!


I have never found a scent that can replace this one. I would walk into a room and get so many compliments on how wonderful the scent was. Why would they stop making something so great.



Hi Lisa,

I feel your pain. I ask that about so many perfumes. I dont understand why, if theres a demand for discontinued perfumes, why not recreate them rather than coming out with (diluted) flankers of superior perfumes, or celeb perfumes, etc.?

I think in some instances, the answer is: the ingredients are too expensive, perhaps theyre banned (oakmoss, clove, certain concentrations of jasmine), or the demand isnt high enough to justify the cost.

Who knows! Id love to know the answer. In the meantime? Hoard what you like!

Donna Scott

I LOVED this perfume and search for it constantly. I really wish they would start manufacturing again.


I wish they would bring back Anne Klein 2. People always told me how good I smelled and I am still looking for a perfume that would have the same reaction. I use to order Duality, from Long Lost Perfumes, which was suppose to be a match, but I got such an allergic reaction to it that I had to stop wearing it. I don't like florals because I think they make me smell like an old lady. I prefer, fruity, sweet smells that are not citrusy. What I want is my Anne Klein 2 back. Are there any perfumes that come close to it other than Obsession? I just may have to get me a bottle of Obsession and try it.


I was addicted to my beloved Anne Klein II from 1985 until its untimely demise. I wore it every day & night and it was the only fragrance I ever wore that made me feel beautiful. I've been searching in vain for a perfume that smells like it, but I've come up empty. I've tried Obsession, Opium, Must, Spark, Black Cashmere, etc., finally ending up with Addict. Black Cashmere was a second favorite, but no sooner had I adopted it as "my" scent, it was discontinued, too!!! Does anyone know a "clone" of Anne Klein II that I can try? I'm not happy with Addict as it has a tart, sour note that I don't like. I LOVE powdery, oriental, amber, patchouli, and sandalwood-type perfumes, but I don't know what else to try.
Thanks in advance for any suggestions!!


Its on eBay, lady. Check it out:http://m.ebay.com/sch/i.html?kw=Anne+Klein+IIisNewKw=1pgn=1epp=24mfs=SBCLKacimp=0itemId=cnm=cid=sqp=Anne+Klein+II_trksid=p2056088.m2428.l1313.TR3.TRC1.XAnne+Klein+II

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Hani Bustos

Hi all ...yes...im another lover of AK2...im costly on the look out. ..why doesn't someone just bring it out again? I found ADDICT by Dior is the closest. See what you think


Hi all,

What do you think 2/3 of a (3.3 oz size) bottle of AKII would go for? I have one and am considering selling it..

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