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December 03, 2009



beautiful analysis of the scent...


I just got 3 decants from TPC's Animalic sample: Kouros, Bandit and Miss Balmain. Tried the Kouros last night before bed, and woke up smelling like the end of a long weekend in my 20s (Katie Puckrick Smells nails Kouros when she describes it as "a remarkable tug of war between good hygiene and bad behavior").

So, which shall I try first, Bandit or Miss Balmain? Hmmm...


Those are three amazing scents, Julie! I love that TPC offers this service. It's genius. Gosh, which one to try first? Maybe Bandit, and then her little sister Miss Balmain? I love them both, so, so much. Come back and let me know what you think!


Oh, my! This resembles my beloved Mollie Parnis, tho less floral and with a "bite" of animal. mmmm. just about to wear it to bed.


Next day: a slight animalic residue remains, so slight that the dirtiness is alluring. I also detectjust a soupçon of "fond du ashtray" about it - and I mean that in a good way.

My decant was vintage parfum. Does anyone know how the modern formulation compares? Also, extrait vs other forms?


So glad you love it, Julie! I like this one so much more than Jolie Madame. The "fond du ashtray" isn't accompanied by candied violet, thank god! I have the vintage parfum Miss Balmain, too. I don't think I own anything in extrait form, unfortunately. I haven't tried the modern formulation, and didn't even know there was one!


I forgot I had a typepad acct. Would you like me to send you a tiny decant of the Mollie Parnis? You write so well I'd love to hear your take on it. Do tell me the best way to decant a sample.


So sweet, julie. I'd love a sample! I emailed you. :-)

Alexandra Winkler

Wonderful description of an unbelievable beautiful scent ! I can only agree with every word, for me it was love at the very first sniff too and I am not even a Chypre fan at all (my #1 before I found Miss Balmain was George Sand by Histoires de Parfums).

What a masterpiece !


Hi Alexandra, So strange that you left this message just now — I was just revising my manuscript and just arrived at Miss Balmain, which I love, too. Please say more about the George Sand scent? Theyre similar?

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