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January 18, 2010


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I thoroughly enjoyed reading this entry today! Years ago, my sister promised to bring me perfume from a trip to Paris--anything I wanted. I asked for Calandre (Paco Rabanne) because I had sniffed it somewhere and liked it. She returned with Caleche, which was a huge disappointment at the time. I really did not know how to appreciate this perfume, which smelled like an old saddle (!) to me. The closest I like to get to horses is to watch them run around a racetrack. Now, having read your blog today, I am ready to take the lovely little bottle (1/4 oz. parfum) down from the shelf and give her a try. I wonder what I will find...


Thanks, Elizabeth. I'm glad you enjoyed the review, and I hope you come back to report whether or not the intervening years (or the persuasive powers of this post — just kidding) have changed your mind about Calèche. To be honest, a couple years ago I would not have been able to appreciate its beauty (it is not my type), and even when I first took a whiff I wasn't a fan, but once you let it settle on your skin, it is pretty marvelous. Thanks for stopping by, and I really am curious what your return visit to Calèche is like!


Okay, I will put some on tonight and let you know what I think tomorrow! All the best, E.

Rita Long

I was so disappointed by "Kelly Caleche"-- the one that Burr raves about at the end of "The Perfect Scent"-- but from your description, this sounds so much more my speed... I would like to be that woman-- although I love the idea of a scent being "like animals more than people..."


I have not smelled Kelly Calèche, Rita, but I think you would like this one. There's something very no-nonsense about it. And although Severe Parisian Woman was talking about Hermès scents in general, I think her comment would have been a welcome addition to the Calèche perfume brief: Likes animals more than people. :)


I'm a little late getting back to you--sorry! I have been having trouble with a sinus infection and therefore my sense of smell has been out of order (odor?). Anyway, I took down the little vintage bottle (15ml) of Caleche from its high shelf and applied some to both wrists. The burst of aldehydes was there, yes, and this time I patiently waited for the development...and was rewarded with the most beautiful floral woody and spicy complexity, just as you have described. I am a little abashed, as I have been chasing after vintage Jolie Madame, when this little beauty was here all along! Now I must write to my sister and thank her all over again--this time with the utmost sincerity!


Wow, Elizabeth! That is amazing, and makes me really happy. Thanks for getting back to me, and I'm glad your nose is back in good working order/odor!


I had a vintage mini Caleche EDT a while back that I discovered at an antique shop. I just could never come around to liking the scent, though I certainly appreciated its composition and complexity. You used the word "coniferous" in your review and that is a great description, I find there's a sweet crispness to it that dominates. My nose was never able to find the florals that people speak of, just that unrelenting sweet crispness. Later on I stumbled onto some vintage Madame Rochas EDC and it immediately reminded me of a perfect cross between vintage Ma Griffe and vintage Caleche: smooth, warm mossy florals with a hint of that Caleche crispness. Needless to say, I am in love with Madame Rochas and I wear it many times a week. As for Caleche...I ultimately decided to purge it from my collection. :-P


Ahh, Calèche... my favorite personal scent. I have had the perfume, powder, soap, etc., all at one time of another, beginning with the gift of a tiny bottle from my aunt in 1966 when I was 10 or 11 years of age. I liked it even then, and kept that bottle for many years.

I finally thought to look around on-line to find input and analysis, particularly about its composition and how others thought it smelled to them. I've enjoyed reading your page and the comments very much.

To me, the aroma reminds me of the sea... salty, deep and crisp.

I love it.

Jana in Del Mar

I have been wearing Caleche exclusively since the late 1970s when I received a 1/4 oz bottle from a boyfriend-not-to be. It is not sentimental in the sense that I connect it with a person or time or place. It simply smells heavenly and has been my signature scent since then. Twice, I veered away believing that I need to "update" my scent and both times I've returned.
This weekend, I bought FlowerBomb and am considering opening the bottle but will likely give to my lovely daughter who is looking for her signature.


Thanks for the comment, Jana! I love vintage Calèche, and cant imagine your substituting Flowerbomb for it! Particularly since Flowerbomb is already itself diluted Angel by Thierry Mugler...

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