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March 22, 2010



Isn't it great? I know, I know; to each perfume fan their own...but I am a fan of the odd bird Azuree. I've also heard it called a "citrus leather"... put that with your own description, and someone could start to get an idea of how it's hard to wrap your head around it.

But I like it. :)

I like its equally challenging stablemate Alliage, too. For some reason, though they made me hold up my palm and say hold on! when I first met them early in my perfume descent, I never stopped coming back to retry. Certainly glad that I did.

Thanks for the interesting portrait.


I love Azuree and Aliage, too. It was a head-smacking moment when I finally tried them. Who knew that such odd, complex beauties had been sitting behind a poky old Estee Lauder counter all of this time? I'm glad you picked up on the hint of sweetness; I liken it to burnt brown sugar.


"Who knew that such odd, complex beauties had been sitting behind a poky old Estee Lauder counter all of this time?" I let you say it, moongrrl! And yes, ScentScelf, Azuree is really an "odd bird" — odd and beautiful.


I just read this review as a reference for mine. I was only able to recognize about half of those notes. Thanks for giving me more to think about.

I'm really impressed with how you likened Azuree to a mod fragrance. Who else would think of that?!


Aramis smells so similar I'd regard it as interchangeable for Azuree.


Robert, they are very similar! I think Aramis is a bit skankier, though. I love them both...

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