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July 11, 2010


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What a great post. You've made me want to check if my local Creed counter still has any. I wonder why they discontinued it?


I always wonder that, kjanicki — why discontinue a classic? I think I read somewhere that Creed might bring out this and others it discontinued every 10 years or so, but if you're interested, go to your local Creed counter and ask if they can decant you a bit of the stuff they must have lying around. (They'll probably have to fish around for it — it's no longer displayed.) AE is pretty wonderful. I think I'm going to review Ambre Cannelle, another of their older scents, pretty soon. Thanks for stopping by!


So sad that this is being discontinued. I wonder why. I will see if I can find a sample as you suggested! I loved reading your thoughts on this. <3


Thanks, Melissa! If they have it, it would be great for them to hand it out, I think. Definitely would generate more interest in the Creed line. I know I'm going back, as I told kj, to smell and write about Ambre Cannelle.


Fantastic post - both how you describe the "rabbit out of a hat" element of the vintage perfumo-file, and the most interesting information about ambergris and Angelique Encens. Thank you! Emma


Thanks, Emma. It seemed strange to look for a perfume I'd just read about, and then have someone tell me it was recently discontinued. It's like I have the opposite of the Midas touch!


I just found your wonderful blog! I'm currently re-creating a 1940's wardrobe and of course one has to have the right scent for it. A sample of Angélique Encens is on it's way to me right now and I can't wait to try it out. I'm quite sure that I will love it and be devestated because it will be so hard to find.


Welcome to my world, Isis, where most of the things I love are hard to find! Your project sounds fun — 40s clothes are my favorite. I hope you find Angelique Encens, and if you can't, there are so many other 40s scents that are amazing...Fracas, Bandit, Miss Dior, Vent Vert, Antilope...all on eBay at one point or another. Good luck!


i found a full bottle , smelled for the first time today , and am about to sell my car , to go back and buy the very last big bottle 03/02/2014 devon uk

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