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September 21, 2010



I'm delurking to say BRAVO!
I loved reading this, thank you for something so in depth and interesting to all us perfumaniacs! ;)


Thanks Tamara*J! I'm glad you came from out of the shadows to leave a comment! ;) Mandy's studio was amazing, as was her generosity and obvious passion for perfume. I'm definitely going to further explore her own line, and grab some Costus essential oil from aftelier.com as well!


Yaah I'm like Gollum with my preciousssssssss in a cave smellin' mighty fine stuff! :D
I've read all your reviews since I've succumbed to vintage this past fleeting summer, like going down the rabbithole...
But I adore every second.
I love the way you write so thank you for your wonderful blog.

Mandy Aftel

Thank you so much for this wonderful piece about our afternoon together. I also enjoyed watching your reactions to the civet, ambergris and costus. You captured the magical quality of these essences and how they each combine such opposite aromas seamlessly.

Lisa BTB

A wonderful article and very nice descriptions of the essences. I would like to visit Mandy's studio one day.


HOORAY FOR CIVET! (And welcome back!)


Mandy, it was such a pleasure and thanks again for sharing your time and scents!
Lisa, her studio isn't just beautiful — it smells divine.
Jonno, hey you! You would have LOVED these smells, seeing as you have a thing for the stink!

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