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December 17, 2010


Gardenfairy Mw

Have a look at this Eb listing to SEE HER : 350277285993
regards, Martina - who is frantically baking cookies..


Hey there, Martina. Could you send a URL? I don't know how to access the image (of HER) you've tantalizingly dangled before me! Thanks!!

Gardenfairy Mw

Of course ! Here you are - I have gotten the ultra-long url into someting shorter:
http://alturl.com/86fda Enjoy !

Luca Turin

The name is Caracciolo, not Caraciollo


Spell-checked by Luca Turin himself! I don't know whether to laugh or cry. More comments, Luca! I'll learn Italian (or use spell-check more often), I promise.

Gardenfairy Mw

I am on a vintage-perfume-exhib tomorrow, where collectors sell what they do not longer want to keep. I will have an eye open. And a list with my wishes for Xmas... BTW - I found two "miniatures" in German Ebay.


The bottle is molto eleganza.


I know, Mary. I love it! The box, not so much.
Martina: Good luck on your search! Sounds exciting.

Gardenfairy Mw

Well - I did not find THIS one, but I got a Guerlain "Rosebud" Flacon "Chamade", still sealed ,for a steal. I do not even dare to tell you what I paid... was my lucky day, together with two sealed bottles of Guy Laroche FIDJI. YUmmmm. Pictures soon on my Blog, of course.
Wishing a cosy 4th of Advent !


Both of them are beautiful, Martina. Enjoy them!


Not to burst your bubble, but is it so much that Luca Turin reads your blog, or rather does he Google his name?...:)


Rednails, trust me, I'm not so delusional as to think LT sits around reading my perfume blog on a regular basis, but I did get excited that he stumbled upon it. :)


It was more a comment on the vanity of Luca Turin than on your blog, which after all I read religiously and enjoy immensely!


I know, Rednails. ;)


I'm crazy late with a comment on this but was just browsing your blog and catching up on some reading. Part of the reason I sent you the bottle was because I know you are a much better sleuth than I am, and I was really interested to know more about this - so thank you! Now I want to track down a copy of 'The Mountain of the Cannibal God.' ;)


Pretty random, eh, Heather? Love the perfume, though! Did you notice Luca stopped by to correct my spelling?

Lynda Emon

Does anyone have a current email address or website URL for Helietta? I own her famous round metal evening bag and am putting it on the market. Thanks so much!

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