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January 13, 2011



Never sampled the vintage Bamboo, but now I'd like to! The new Bamboo is a rich, green concoction -- one of the better Weil recreations. (I hear the new Zibeline is disappointing, new Antilope is flat, and modern Secrets of Venus, which I've smelled in a store, is nothing much.)


Hi Rednails. The new Bambou and the vintage are totally different beasts. In some ways, the new one (or at least the new version I have) makes more sense as a perfume attempting to evoke bamboo. It's lighter and fresher. The old one is intense...almost all base notes, dark and rich.

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Perfumer Claude Frayesse in collaboration with Marcel Weil is the first perfume packaged in Baccarat bottles in 1927. Their names we associate faces skin: Sable, Chinchilla, Real and Hermine.

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