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January 03, 2011



Hehe. That is a funny name. Now tell me, have you tried Molinard's 1937 perfume Homoerotic Musing? It's a "woody" chypre...very *woody* indeed. lol! ;-)


Nuh uh!! You almost had me there, Robin! Hilarious.


My sweet, sheltered and clueless grandmother used to say, with a sigh, "That was such a NICE word!"


Satin Glide? Treasure Trove?? My Pet???

And why is my mind in the gutter? :)


Olfacta: I had a high school French teacher in Texas who used to RAIL about the word gay and how it was "hijacked by the homosexuals." Sounds like she did it in a less charming way than your grandma...

Mals: Satin Glide, especially. Although I guess that is also a dental floss? ;)


White Shadows? I think Evyan's most famous perfume is White Shoulders. Lots of women, including my mom, still wear it.


Hi rednails. According to Perfume Intelligence, which I linked to above, there was a White Shadows in '43 and '46. White Shoulders, orig. by Evyan and later Elizabeth Arden (or the other way around depending on the source), debuted in 45. I didn't include it in my campy name list because it seemed too familiar.

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