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February 10, 2011



This sounds wonderful! And I have a vintage sample somewhere I think. I can't wait to try it now.


Yeah, check it out KJ. It's a real...Huffer. :-)


Wonderful review, thanks. I'm ashamed to say that I have never seen the film or read the book of Picnic at Hanging Rock,so I'd better check them out (and add the perfume to the list too!). I have actually been to Hanging Rock - quite spooky, as large rocks always are. The cry 'Miranda! Miranda!' resonates through Australian film history. I enjoyed the trailer, and spotted a few familiar Australian actors, including Jacki Weaver, I think, who is up for an Oscar at the moment.


Enjoy them all, Anne! I haven't read the book or been to Hanging Rock. (After watching the film, I'm not sure I want to go on a hike or have a picnic there!)


(Funny, there's a Hanging Rock not far from where I grew up, but it's not in Australia...)

I adore Silences and No. 19, but "leather chypre" - a la Bandit - still skeers me. I'll leave the Weil de Weil for you and just go spritz some Silences.


All Weil deserves the attention that Chanel gets.
I adore Weil de Weil, and even in its attenuated EDC form, Antilope tells me stories. I have one other Weil on my shelf, from 1978, Mollie Parnis. It is simply my favorite fragrance of all time. People - men, wome - would follow me around and ask me what I was wearing. The last 1/4 inch of that deepy orangy elixir in the bottom of the elegant circle-within-a-square bottle has turned nearly beyond recognition, but I still open it up for a quick smell.


Julie, you've gotten me totally intrigued by Mollie Parnis. Never heard of it! And I would love to hear what the stories are that Antilope tells you, even in attenuated eau de cologne form. I'm waiting...;-)


Hello, again. Since I last posted I got a decant of Vol de Nuit, and the resemblance to Weil de Weil is striking, especially the top notes. From there, VdN does a soft landing on that coumarin/vanillin Guerliande cushion, where WdW stays more bracing, finishing in leather and white flowers to my nose.

Antilope. You wrote about it better than I ever could. I will add this: some fragrances are described as "sharp" - Antilope to me is "round" - There's no bite to it, yet it is never cloying or boring. Something about it takes me back to my growing-up years, it is womanly, both alluring and comforting. The violet note gives it a facet of old-fashioned, but these aren't the dessicated violets of L'Heure Bleue, a fragrance I adore for its meditative stillness. Antilope's violets are still in the ground and sun-kissed, and there you have another facet of Antilope, it is of the outdoors without being sporty. Round yet with facets. Hmmmm.


So glad you like Weil de Weil, julie. I have the vintage Vol de Nuit, and don't recall the top notes being similar, but I'll check it out again. I love: "VdN does a soft landing on that coumarin/vanillin Guerliande cushion..."(It is a cushion!)

And Antilope really is wonderful. Even as you were describing it I could remember the scent of hay, chamomile, a touch of mint, a subtle berry without the sweetness. It's definitely round! Thanks for stopping by!


Hello, again. As it happened I put on a sample of Chanel 19 this morning, and thought WdW immediately, so of course I had to revisit your posts on both. Amazing, both born in 1971. bittergracenotes sums up WdW in a sentence, here the link,
but I'll spare you the suspense: "It's the smell of a swamp in Paradise."
19 disappears on my skin. I'm passing around my Weils on basenotes and expect WdW will get a lot of love.


A swamp in Paradise is great, Julie! Weil de Weil is green, green, green. Sounds like paradise to me!


I count myself lucky to have stumbled upon a 7.5 ml mini of this late last week. It came yesterday and oh! This perfume is stunning! The opening absolutely floored me! The only other perfume that has such a beautiful opening for me is Le Parfum de Therese, which also has tangerine in the top notes. I haven't really been able to figure out this perfume yet, the opening has my head spinning, but I love the green and the subtle woodiness of it.

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