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March 14, 2009



I am so glad to find this article. Validation! I nostalgically bought a bottle of Lauren on Ebay, and have been very disappointed. It smells nothing like I remembered. A friend suggested perhaps that it was a reformulation- something I hadn't considered. I will have to go in search of the real stuff- the vintage.


Hi Diane,

They really do smell different. You can sense a hint of the original in the reformulation, but it smells watery and one-dimensional. I'd just look up the vintage stuff on eBay. You can usually trust people if they call it vintage, and the seller has a good rep, but it doesn't hurt to ask first. Good luck!


does ralph lauren make a new version of "Lauren" just called something else?

Mary Donahue

I forgot about Lauren too, until I saw it in Macy's today. I sprayed a sample and was very disappointed to find out they did change the formula. I used to love to wear Lauren with my sweaters it was great winter fragrance. I don't like the new formula. Oh well I won't be purchasing that. Need to look for something new for my sweater wearing.


Or you can buy some vintage Lauren, Mary! http://miniatureperfumeshoppe.com/LLace-Lutece-C9149.aspx?sid=268?s=Name%20ASCp=1

Dark Moss

I found it today in an small cosmetics store, I bought it just because of its famous past and it was not as cheap as I expected. I can't tell if it's the vintage formula, because I had never worn it before but there are two things that make me think that probably it's a good buy. First, it was the last bottle of Lauren and the saleslady had no idea that it was there. She said that she had never heard about this perfume before(!). The box seems to be old because it's shopworn on the corners but the real fact is that there is a sticker on it with the name of the importing company and an old- type phone number (seven digits instead of the nowadays 10-digit type) that means it's older than 2000. Anyway, the fragrance is gentle and classy, soapy and woody at the same time and surprisingly I can detect the pineapple note at the opening. I would gladly wear it at my Angel/Cavalli/ Dior Cherrie dominated office, especially on the warmer days of autumn.


Hi Dark Moss,

I have both versions, and Id say that if you can smell a chypre base (and your name is Dark Moss, so I would say youd probably know if you were!), you probably have the original. Congratulations! The reformulation is pretty, but more watery and floral, without that base.

Dark Moss

Hi B.
Your comment was very enlightening. Soapy yes but not watery. There is a chypre base though oakmoss is not so obvious, but as you say, my name says it all... Thank you!


Has Lauren really been reformulated??? Oh, no, I just bought a 4oz bottle online for $78!!! I haven't bought it for nearly 4 years now. This is the ONLY perfume I have ever worn over the last 30 yrs...I have tried hundreds of other perfumes that smelled good on other people, but when I tried them, they did not smell the same on me! I've been trying to google perfumes that smell as near to Lauren but to no avail. Do you know of any perfumes that are similar to Lauren? I LOVE perfumes that are "woodsy" and have a "fresh" not flowery scent. Do you have any recommendations?


Hi Bonnie,

I have both the new and old version, and they are different. I would recommend a woodsy, chypre-ish floral to you, but vintage Lauren perfume is readily available on eBay and in mini form http://miniatureperfumeshoppe.com/Lauren-P2872267.aspx#.UJBjb4XlVUY so I'd say just buy one of those! Hope that helps...



I paid $72.00 online for Lauren and I must say that I will not buy online again. The smell is definitely NOT the same as I remember and it doesn't smell much different than a $5.00 bottle of perfume that they sell at Catos. Very disappointed.

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