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October 03, 2009


Wild Violets

Do they still make it?


Hi Wild Violets, Jicky is the oldest perfume ever made that's still on the market. It's available in its new form at Saks Fifth Avenue, Barneys, eBay... You can also get a sample at The Perfumed Court if you're not near those big department stores and don't want to commit to a whole bottle.


I love this review :)!

Brenda Heath

I have a vintage bottle of Extrait Jicky,belonged to my late Mother-in-Law who lived in Australia. It's circa 1967 according to the zigzag pattern box, the inner box is white with a gold lattice pattern and the bottle is ribbed, tapering and has a gold cap. Now I tried a drop on my wrist, (as it had been opened, although it's still full) and that was some time ago, and it has mellowed into a wonderful soft scent. How amazing is that?

Dark Moss

Hi, vintage lovers! I think I'm missing something or my nose is still on holidays... Today it was the first time I saw Jicky in its true dimensions (believe it or not, I had never seen it anywhere in Greece until today) and I was so excited I found it (after so many reviews I had read) that I put it immediately on my wrist. At that moment I smelled something like bergamot and I said "OK, that's only the beginning, let's wait". I smelled it again after five -six minutes and I felt so disappointed. It's warm and rich, yes, but where is the dirty thing? It reminds me Shalimar but more powdery. Is there any difference between EdT and EdP? Is my skin that kills the perfume? I don't know. I still have the hope the this Jicky I tried it's just stale (is this word right?) and the real thing is in a vintage bottle somewhere out there.


Dark Moss - Do you have the vintage or no? The civet in both EDT and EDP is pretty intense, even richer in EDP. The reformulation is nice but in this case, the vintage gives you a true taste.

Dark Moss

Thank you, Perfumaniac! I'll try to find a vintage bottle or a sample and soon I'll know...


Jicky has been my favorite all time fragrance since I was a teenager. Of course this was in the early 1980's and the formula was still much closer to the original. I am a perfumer so I have been privy to many formulations and many vintages of Jicky. It is truly the best when it is made with true Italian Bergamot oil because it is 35% of the formula and the bergamot they use now has all the furocumorins and bergaptines removed. The new version uses a synthetic civet base which smells very dirty like stinky cheese. I know Roja dove and he is incorrect in one thing that Jicky contains vanillin not ethyl vanillin. Jaques Guerlain started using Ethyl Vanillin when Shalimar was created. So now I create my own Jicky with all the original materials no substitutions. The Older Jicky has a softer more Barber shop quality, It definitely has civet but the unregulated bergamot helps to make the whole composition more sweet and rounded so easy to wear.

Jicky is the Parent to all Oriental style perfumes.


I like the review by ''Perfumekev''.My story is the following:''When I was around 12 yrs old a friend of the family ,who lives in Paris , and also worked at ''Guerlain'' came to visit .The room was filled completely by one of the most beautiful smells I have ever smelle.I asked which perfume was it>It was Jicky! Many yrs passed and last spring I was on holiday in Venice, and I found Jicky in a small, private perfumery and bought it!This waiting to have it was over 25 yrs long.I was exhilarated from only holding its packaging in my hands!The perfume wasn't like the one I smelled on my friend in 80's.After reading your comment I see that for some reason Guerlain has changed the ingredients, unfortunately!Never the less wearing it, even it wasn't as grand as it used to be 30 yrs ago,presented something sacred to me!I remember the story that it was made for a girl that Aime was in love when he was a student and I remember the fact that it's the first perfume with synthetic ingredients ,not made of natural ingredients only!Everyone should respect that!

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