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October 03, 2009


Vivian Lee

In the 1980s I found an unopened presentation bottle from around 1911 or so at a thrift store. I paid a whopping $1.99 for it.
I broke the seal of the box, and there was a beautiful black bottle sitting on a little platform. It had a little label and a wax covered thread sealing the glass stopper. I got it open, and I though the fragrence heavenly. It was so very foreign, both as place and as time.
I wore it constantly and it lasted me about 8 mos. It was completely different than the modern version available today.
I love your website!


Wow Vivian, that's an incredible find! Definitely before the Internet and before the perfume-craze went more mainstream. I love that instead of putting NN in the back of a closet somewhere, you wore it until it ran out. It is a beauty, for sure. So glad you like the blog! It's written for perfume lovers like you. :-)


Would LOVE,LOVE,LOVE a review of another fragrance from the Caron line-Nocturnes de Caron. I first experienced it on a female stranger whose accompanying wheelchair bound husband had purchased it for her and was tickled pink when a teenager (that would be me!) approached her to ask what she was wearing. The scent was mesmerizing for me and I must have gone through about 20 bottles of it in the early to late 80s. Sadly, it was discontinued but will remain forever as one of my all time favorite fragrances.


Barbara, I must share this amusing story with you- remember the co-worker who threw out all the vintage perfume of her grandmother that I told you about? Well, she told me yesterday that she saved a bottle of Fleur de Rocailles (because she liked the box!!!) and was using it as an air freshener in her bedroom!!! I told her to bring the bottle in ( I was secretly hoping to decant some!)which she did today. The gold wire was still attached but somehow some of the juice had leaked out. She was a bit apprehensive about letting me decant because my extreme exhuberance/enthusiasm made her reconsider "the prize" she had in her posession but she did with the stipulation that I not take too much as she liked the smell after I completely opened it and placed it on my wrist. WOW!WOW!WOW! It is heavenly and I will be huffing away all day!!! I would love for you to review more from the CARON line, especially this one and Nocturnes, which I find to be an extremely sublime but often overlooked fragrance from the Caron line.


That's awesome, breathe31. I can't believe she was using it as air freshener! (Oy vey.) You've got me curious now about Rocailles and Nocturnes...so I'm on the hunt!


I read that it was Gloria Swanson's favourite, and that she had it sprayed on the sets of Sunset Boulevard.

B Y Taylor

where can I purchasa black narcissus perfume in the UK


Where can I buy Narcise Noir in Puerto Rico.

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