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October 14, 2009



can't wait to smell it now!


I have my mother half bottle of zen, my favourite fragrance. i don't use it, smell only,is it possibile to buy a another one bottle?



There always seems to be a vintage bottle of Zen on eBay. Check there, and as you know, make sure it's in the old black bottle and not the new one! Good luck and let me know if you find one.

A makeupalley reader

I went online to makeupalley last night to ask the fragrance board if they could tell me what the name of this fragrance was. As I had no photo of my own, all I could do was try to describe the bottle as I remembered it from when I was four years old and looking through my mother's vanity.

One of the makeupalley members directed me to your website, and lo and behold, this is the exact bottle, the "black bowling pin" I remembered from my youth. What a joy it is to see it again. Thanks for the nostalgia. I'll have to look for a vintage bottle some time.

I look forward to reading your other reviews.


Hi Makeup Alley reader: So glad you found the site! Can't wait for more conversations to start here...


Zen is truly a stunning beauty. I'm baffled that it's not more widely appreciated among classic perfume lovers. Your review perfectly captures the poetry and subtlety of the perfume.


Thanks for the comment, rk. It's readers like you who keep me writing! And yes, Zen isn't talked about a lot. Hey, more stuff on eBay for us! :)


Ah, Zen. I first found Zen around 1965 as a bride to be. It was so beautiful and heavenly. My young Navy husband to be was all I could think about and I wanted to entice his love and Zen did that for me. We certainly have "come a long way baby" but I still have Zen.


Carolyn, I love vintage Zen. Its such a complex, fresh floral.

Sea Wolf

Is it just me or does that poster totally look like a vagina. LOOK! There's a clitoris, the labia... you can't unsee it.


Best. Comment. Ever. And no, it's not just you, Sea Wolf. I had never noticed it in that much anatomical detail, but now that you mention it...This would have made more sense as an ad for Shiseido's Féminité du Bois perfume, as that matches the image olfactorily, if you know what I mean...

sea wolf

Exactly my thoughts! Feminite du Bois! What is the correlation between Zen and that part of a woman's anatomy? I don't want to speculate.


Zen is such a beautiful perfume, and I mean the original vintage formulation. Many do not know that it was created by Josaphine Catapano of IFF ( creator of Youth Dew, Norell, Fiji, Cinnabar,) I am a perfumer, and I was lucky enough to get to know her a little bit. She was a wonderful lady. She passed about 2 years ago. She was the first Female Perfumer in the U.S.A. The last conversation we had was about regulations about 4 years ago. The last thing she said to me while I was sitting next to her swimming in the vintage Fiji Parfum she had liberally applied. " IT IS UP TO YOU AND YOUR GENERATION TO SAVE THE ART OF PERFUMERY". I truly take this to heart, and I have died a little each time I see the next perfume destroyed by regulations. I now work for myself so I can finally talk about this. We need to start putting a collective foot down to stomp out this desecration of perfumery!


Hi, can you please tell me the difference between the perfume in the black bottle on the ad and the Zen I wore in 2001, which was a powdery floral in a white iridescent bottle (also discontinued)? I thought the white bottle version was the first one, because it's the first I saw...

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