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November 06, 2009



Very insightful review. I love Fracas, and am considering buying one of the "vintage" (well...mid 80s era) bottles off ebay. Have you tried any of the earlier versions before it was re-released in the late 90s? (i think that was when it was re-released) I wonder how they compare...I've only tried the reformulated version myself. Love your site btw!


rk: I have a 60s or 70s version and compared it with a sample of the reformulation I got at Nordstrom. The reformulated is watery compared to the rich, lush, decadent, older Fracas. Hold out for the vintage...they're relatively easy to find on eBay and not that expensive. Glad you're enjoying the site —go for vintage Fracas and come back and tell us what you think!


<3<3<3 it

phillip marcum

Fracas, in French means to "roar". This is a fragrance of distinction,refined sensuality. It is so beautiful you cannot even imagine it is even of this world! That someone was the "nose" behind it. It just seems to me like a work of Michangelo. You know of his artwork, and the Sistene Chapel. Like a legend, or folklore. Fracas roars in your mind. It speaks for you, not against you! One of the best perfumes ever created! Thank you Germain Cellier! Roar onward Fracas..forever!

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