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November 15, 2009



I picked this up at T.J Maxx on sale. I think it's lovely. To me it's calm and sophisticated.

"Or you could say they move your eye from the smoothness of the ivory tusk to a nick filled in with dirt that creates an interesting texture on the pristine surface." Or I could say I love your writing.


Calm is a perfect descriptor, Mary. Thanks for stopping by and for the compliment. ;) Hope you continue to come back.


I get chypre here too quite a bit. Every review on Ivoire uses the word "soapy" and I find "woody chypre" to be a much better descriptor. Ivoire really is stunning. The drydown smells just like an old 70s perfume from Jovan called Ginseng, which is impossible to find nowadays and very expensive. Who needs to track down Ginseng when Ivoire's drydown smells identical if not better. Love it!


Smooth and pristine- my adjectives for this one! I am sad to admit this but in high school I babysat for an affluent family whose matriarch had this one in the bathroom (yet I never smelled it on her). One day I came to work with a small empty bottle which I filled up with her Ivoire EDT splash! Shame on me!


Please can anyone tell me what perfume today,if any, is reminiscent of Ivoire?

I am grateful for any advice.

Thank you,



can a man wear this?


I dont think perfume has a gender, so really I think men can wear anything. Is Ivoire conventionally masculine? No. But it is green, clean, a bit soapy. I say go for it.

Gloria Tran

I must find Kalista, by Eric Dorian, Paris.


And two years later I comment again. That transgression I mentioned above inspired a perfume post! I am sniffing the vintage Ivoire on my wrist right now and it is absolutely divine...so creamy...decadent...love it! How fortuitous that I have procured a large vintage decant, thanks to a fragrant obsessed friend who mailed it to me from Japan!


Ivore is one of my favorites. I find it intoxicatingly feminine. Just a dab of perfume and I'm drifting. I hope other find it so.


Roz, I love Ivoire! Sounds like you do, too.

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