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December 08, 2009


angie Cox

Having become perfume crazy I still have a huge stash of yarns. I used to keep some vintage ones in the freezer so your shoe-box reference really made me laugh. I am "banned" from buying yarn until I knit it all( won't live long enough) but my husband is only threatening a perfume ban so far !


The refrigerator/freezer is an underutilized space in my opinion. :) I've heard some fashionistas in tiny Manhattan apartments keep their shoes in their ovens. (I'm not kidding you; I recently read that.) So keeping yarn in the freezer or perfume in the crisper seems normal in comparison. 

Vintage Jewelry

I was amazed to read of the firs "abstract" scented perfume! We take such things for granted but it is amazing to read of the first one of its kind! You gave me the each to go and find it- just to get a sniff hehe :)


Vintage Jewelry, I like to think of Jicky as Shalimar's wilder, less conventionally pretty sister. You should check these in vintage form if you haven't already!


Shalimar... Ah, memories. I had a few perfumes going at one time for a while there: Opium, Ruffles by Oscar de la Renta, Magie Noire by Lancome (I know--what a bad girl am I!), and Shalimar.

I had to quit wearing most perfumes when I was pregnant, because the smell didn't help me. Shalimar was the only one I could handle anymore, and then disaster happened: The vanilla notes would so overwhelm me that I craved sweets all the time and gained 10 pounds in a month!

I was in the military at the time, so I was essentially ordered to stop wearing Shalimar, so that my weight would settle down. I used to have the doctor's statement advising me not to wear the perfume anymore, but I lost it.

I'm probably the only person in military history to be legally ordered not to wear perfume! O_o


Hi Aquaria: The word ruffles makes me laugh for some immature reason, how was the perfume? Also, your story is amazing. Military. Pregnant. Shalimar. Vanilla. Dr.'s note against Shalimar due to weight gain. Legally ordered by the military to stop wearing Shalimar. I wish you still had that note!


Is it just me- or does Shalimar seem not to last very long (2 1/2 hours and it's gone) Maybe my skin loves it so much that it is devoured...


My X still tells me he responds to Shalimar. He chose this for me as a young bride. He says he still gets fantasies when he gets a whiff and then looks for the source and finds a old lady to his great distress. Ah but the memories.


Carolyn, I actually had a distraught man approach me once (I can't remember what perfume it was) and tell me it was upsetting him because it reminded him of his ex! Awkward!

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