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January 28, 2010


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Wow, I imagines what it's like in the 1940's, I meant the scent back then. Maybe the scent back then were a bit more bolder but quite lighter compared to fragrances these days. But still, the classic scent, I guess is still the most attractive scent, for me. And as for Jasmine, a popular perfume base, does it really costs 90,000 francs to manufacture one pound of jasmine oil? Wow! Unbelievable!

Discount Perfumes

Perfumes are substances, generally made by blending plant oils, selected animal emission, and synthetic chemicals, to produce a pleasant. Such substances were highly valued and sought after throughout human history, especially before regular bathing and the widespread use of deodorants altered the significance of human body odors.


Is this why I always loved the smell of skunk spray as a child?


Short answer? Yes!


Exclusive formula developed by the activities of the century, the factory is considered a great iron safe.


הדברות: Say what?


Oh, Barbara, I am reading this at 3 am in the morning and your response to the last commenter has me laughing hysterically! My sentiments exactly!


Glad I made you laugh, brigitte, but whatcha doin up at 3?! I'm sure that's spam, as a lot of the spam sounds like surreal word salads. I usually unpublish that stuff, but it was too tempting to leave that nonsense up. :-)

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