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January 21, 2010



I just got a vintage mini of this, love it! I won't be able to wear it to the office, nor would I want to, but the next time I have a special evening out, it's being deployed!


Flora, its definitely not an office scent, but it would be an amazing fragrance for going out and smelling sexy, in a slightly dangerous way.

Martha Marie

What is the difference between classic Paloma Picasso in the black plastic bottle compared to the newer version of Paloma in the clear glass bottle with golden cap? I definitely need to know, because I suspect it's a fake.


Hi Martha,

There are quite a few Paloma Picasso bottles, so I can see why you're wary of this one. I think the glass bottle/gold cap might be the latest reformulation of Paloma Picasso — not fake, though. I haven't smelled it so I can't say if it's really different from the vintage.

There is the black one which you can get most easily, and then there are a couple opaque white plastic or frosted glass Paloma Picassos with light (not gold) caps. I have both, and I think the white is more beautiful and subtle, with higher quality ingredients. See the frosted bottle in the ad above? (Another light bottle looks like this: http://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/rare-mini-paloma-picasso-perfume-parfume-bottle)

Where did you get your bottle? From your bottle description alone, I'd say it's not fake, but rather the newer version. (I looked on eBay, and your description seems to fit their "new" PPicasso.) But you have to use your nose to decide those things.Do you like it? That's what's most important.

susan warner

The bottle with the gold top is edt. Its quite ok really. More suited to the office or summr than the original. Thats it.

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