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February 25, 2010


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nice blog...Like it alot

Angela Cox

That is Jerry Hall ? I prefer the advert for the male version with the gorgeous Rupert Everett !. I enjoyed what you had to say ,sadly Opium has always given me a headache but I am tempted to buy a smal size for my daughter as often I can bear perfumes secondhand that would set of my headaches.


Angela, Opium doesn't give me a headache, but alas, it's just not a perfume I ever feel like ever wearing. It seems to sit on my skin rather than blending with it and developing in an interesting way. Maybe it would smell nice on someone else? Who actually wears Opium anymore?


My favorite Opium advertisement is the photo of Sophie Dahl. Shocked me, yes, and took my breath away.


For some reason, Elizabeth, the way her body's positioned, she always looked to me like she was about to give birth! It is a shocking ad, though, I agree.


My boyfriend gave this to me when I was twenty-one or two. He said it was the only hard drug he wanted to do with me. I loved the scent: it's heavy and mysterious and redolent of a deep, rich knowing. I only wore it in cold weather - it was too much for me in the heat.

I'm loving these perfume posts, they're so informative and lyrical (and hysterical! "Are these pages made from the dried, pressed tears of unicorns?") at the same time.


Mary, Its hard to imagine wearing this in the heat, but it is beautiful and Im sure someone could pull it off in any weather. For me, Id feel like I had to be in silk robes, reclining in a Chinese opium den, not a care in the world. Id love to get a whiff of it on the bold person who could wear it...


So interesting about the Japanese inro and its influence on the Opium pure parfum bottle design. I find the Opium parfum packaging - the bottle with cord & tassle + the oval box - to be one of the most beautiful parfum presentations out there. Truth be told, I'm totally a sucker for big tassles...the way they hang there with no other purpose but to appear decadent. I love it! (The Le Tabac Blond box tassle is my second favorite). I just found this pic of an inro...it looks so much like the Opium parfum:


The yellow rosette on the inro even mirrors the circular window on the front of the Opium bottle showing the amber juice inside. Fascinating. Thanks so much for the great review!


I used to wear Opium, but then it took on a very obnoxious base note of used underwear for me.

Even now, I couldn't wear it after some idiot doused herself in the stuff one day, and came into the post office where I worked. She had so much of the perfume on that it filled the space in about 10 seconds and caused people to RUN out of the room--including me, who was trying to put mail in boxes, and a co-worker. When she left, we went back in and the smell was still strong enough to make us gag. We opened the door, but the smell was so bad so long that we were having to turn away customers for nearly two hours.

From one woman wearing perfume in a small space for about ten minutes.

I had to go home, eventually, because the strength of the smell burned my eyes, nose, mouth, throat and lungs so badly that I got bronchitis by the time those two hours were up.

Some people really shouldn't be allowed near a perfume bottle.



I bought my first bottle a few months after it was released, so that would have been early 1978 and I would have been 22. I used to wear it to work, but you could get away with that in the late 70s and early 80s as long as you used a light hand. It got compliments, that's for sure! Opium for me has always been 'spray and walk-through' if I'm going out, or douse myself full on if I'm staying home and by myself.

Until recently, the last bottle I bought was in 2005, and when my then 21 year old daughter moved away she took it with her. This year I got a couple bottles of vintage spray. I didn't even realize it had been reformulated until a few months ago. I guess the new version would be ok, if you weren't familiar with the old. The old is a masterpiece! Especially when it was first released. There was a minor reformulation in the 1980s, I can remember the difference between my first bottle and the next. I'd love to be able to smell the original from 1977 again. *sigh*


Hi Carrie, I was too young to wear Opium, but what a brilliant perfume and marketing campaign. I would have been first in line to buy this! I have a cute little vintage mini, and will sniff it and think about the good ol' days when women could go to work smelling like Opium!


i'm a happy opium wearer since many many years day by day
it is my skin. I dont smell the initial head nor do the
others , it's the only juice i can wear spontanously
without fakeness or 'statements'as u called it.
why n earth should one want to make a statement?
Maybe when iwas 18 and Diorella addicted.
I am an artist also so i know the 'statements
it would be a shame to waste even 15 min of your life with
statements, or fake smells.
The thing is : we all have different colours of skin
and we react chemicly differently.
Also i wanna have fun with myself, i combine opium with some other stuff. But i would feel very uneasy with
the flowergroup cause it doesnt fit me.
Diorella is still my big love i make paintings abut here
i smell her i associate and write and stuff, but: I CAN NOT WEAR IT because it does not blend + then i''m overconscious. I must say this : the original Opium is
indead somethingvery very very special, it makes me cry
but it has also a tragic note, ashy and animallike.
The reformula for the modern age abusers is much lighter
they took the depression out of it, and i swear YSL
knew what a depression is, but i prefer melancholy.
Every creation comes out of the ashes of melancholia.
Anyway, they took it out. Its much easier ,sweater,
and fugitive now. I wear it cause i have no choice, like i said i cant stand others on my skin,but it's manageble and its my secret what lays beyond my skin,not on but dep under my bodycells there is the real creation of my personal imagination.It is art.


we must never finish our originals, smell out of the vintage bottle like i do.
indeed ther have been at least 2 changes over the years.
the 1977 is .......it is , it just is Art.
I prefer to wear a dropoil of something else but there must remain a leftover in the bottle.
Take care,


And yes, i just go to work like everybody.
What's this fuzz bout u can't do this or u cant do that,
i really dont understand the stiffiness that evaporate
from this pages. You really can do a lot, i wear patchouly
in everyday, theres no police to arrest me.
I even rread the review on Aromatics-Clinique u wrote and
i tell u : that is a very very nice smell, even older ladies wear it here , now that is just a NORMAL
scent. I reverse the situation for u: u should try to
judge the modern crap-smells instead of being preconcepted about very good smells likeYSL or Clinique..
Start choosing a side. You dont need to make it duller than it already is.. For the rest you can smell and formulate very well. Thank u its nice.

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