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February 12, 2010


Kristy Victoria

I tried L'Origan after I read about it here...and now Styx is my latest lemming.

You are very bad for my wallet! ;)

Kristy Victoria

P.S. I would love to read more about your impressions on some more of Patou's Ma Collection scents! :)


Kristy, after Colony, which I loved, I'm curious about the Patou line, as well. So many perfumes, so little time (and money)!


Did you compare this beautiful perfume with Ambre Antique? They share the rich ambery drydown but Styx has also a spicy dry carnation that I love.


Carnation! That's the spiciness. Thanks, Octavian. I have Ambre Antique, and I will review it soon. Thanks for the tip. If you have a list of notes to share on Styx, I would be grateful!


how do I order some styx perfume I used to always wear it until it was discontinued


Hi Lynne, Keep trolling eBay — that's how I got my tiny bottle.

Tricia robson

Styx!!!!! I wore this perfume in the 70's and loved it.


I remember wearing Styx, but it was in a little Black bottle.. Does anyone know where to buy it NOW??


It's one of the harder-to-get vintages, Pamela. Try eBay. I see it show up there every once in a while. Good luck!


I have a 3 FL. OZ. bottle of STYX eau de Styx. I am wondering if any one knows what it is worth as I plan on listing it. Thanks

Brad Landry

I have some the black bottle 70's great scent

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