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April 10, 2010



This is great! What a fun find...thanks for bringing it to us!


What a fun ad!

Would I be crazy if I said I wanted one? (minus the pointy-ness?) :-)


Haha, Abigail. I kinda do too! She just looks so darn happy - I mean, perky! And ScentScelf, I had a lot of fun at the library and I'm glad I get to share my finds. Not sure if the poor staff there had fun lugging giant Vogues for me for the few days I was parked there, but they were awesome to me.


But Vogue is always aspirational. As historical evidence it is only evidence of an ideal, not reality. Hardly anyone dresses out of Vogue now, so would they in 1948? Still, the makers of the Bou-K-Bra were in business, so they must have been hoping to sell it to someone! Anyway, thanks for the ad!


Okay, I totally want one of these! :-D


I'monna Make My Own Bou-K-Bra... I have cotton pads right here, and perfume, and at least a little bit o'cleavage to stick the scented pad into...

This is pretty great, actually, the scent wafts up to the nose!


With all the interest I'm hearing from you guys, I'm beginning to think someone needs to patent this— stat! Avery at FirstNerve.com discovered it was never even given one...

Wild Violets

C'mon girls !! All you have to do is take one of those little cotton cosmetic rounds, put some perfume on it & stick it inside your bra !! I've been doing it since high school !!!


WV: I think this is why you nor I have never seen this product on the market. Although, "Camelflage" exists, so it's not like people aren't still producing weird, unnecessary products! :)


WV, I discovered the saturated cotton ball (suitably flattened out!) in the bra having bought Guerlain Mayotte, a lovely tuberose, for over $200 in the clutches of a Bergdorf SA, which, for my money, should have lased longer than the fleeting hour I could detect it. It came in the bee bottle without an atomizer, so I had been applying it with a cotton ball anyway. Some get tucked into a bra, and some into my pillowcase, though with the cold weather coming on, a switch may be in order.

PM, Camelflage? Oy vey!

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