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April 08, 2010



Artemisia? I wonder if there is a preferred genus/variety used in perfumery, because you are right, there are a number of types. Depending on which parts you are using, the smell could be quite different (leaves v stems)...hmm.

As for the 'fume itself, I have a soft spot for those scents which combine soft plus distance. (Could this be why I will defend No. 19 vigorously?) Peach always frightens me a bit (it WAY dominates my experience of Mitsouko, for example, turning what by all accounts should be a chypre into a fruit attack), but I know that different treatments lead to different, um, levels of fruit bomb. Would this be peach + leather in the same/similar tone as Jolie Madame is violet + leather?


ScentScelf: The peach in Empreinte is neck-and-neck with the leather. (My experience of Jolie Madame was that the violet overpowered the leather, which is something I don't see peach doing in Empreinte; it complements the leather.) In the vintage Mitsouko I have smelled, I always thought the peach was quite subtle, but maybe that's because I like peach? In any case, I am very curious about what kind of artemisia is used, too, particularly since I see the ingredient "thujone" (also in Absinthe) in other scents. Experts? Anyone?

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Is this perfume still available?


Hi Nadiachaves. You can find it on eBay and the Miniature Perfume Shoppe.


I would like the old little gold bottle of perfume
EMPRIENTE BY courreges


Serious query from total ignoramus: I am devastated at not being able to find any Empreinte other than in wee form on ebay.fr.

I wondered if anyone could tell me if their is any chemical link between it and the only others I like: Paloma Picasso and (oddly enough?) Yves Rocher's Comme une Evidence (which last 2 minutes on me)...

With thanks,



Hi Sara, I'm not familiar with Comme une Evidence, but Empreinte definitely does not smell like Paloma Picasso, which is much headier and stronger. I see full Empreinte bottles on eBay in the US from time to time, so I would keep looking. It's out there, and not a lot of people know about it, unlike the poor souls obsessed with vintage Mitsouko! Good luck.

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