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April 01, 2010



Gasoline mixed with marijuana? Old-style leaded gasoline, I hope. Mmmm...sounds nice to me! Just kidding; sort of. :oD Thanks for this post--I do love EL Private Collection and green chypres, especially.


She's from the Chandler ("Fur rubbed with mint toothpaste") Burr school of perfume-reviewing, Elizabeth! I do see her point, though. Private Collection is not for the faint of heart. But gasoline and marijuana is not a bad description of its slightly poisonous green accord — and it makes me like the fragrance even more! Go figure.


Those ads are stunning aren't they? I'm just not sure I measure up to that style of life. Who does? Still, I'll give this another try. Years since I smelled it.


I've just picked up two minis of PC (in the one transaction) from a seller on eBay. I'm applying it dab by dab until I think I've got enough. I've been sitting outside in the winter sunshine - still, cool, sharp and bright. The perfect enhancement for Private Collection.


Winter sunshine in July, Anne? Please explain! I love Private Collection, although I think I would have to be in a chic and formal setting to wear it.


Winter in July where I live, but ours is a dry winter where very cold frosty mornings lead to bright sunny days. Not a lot of warmth in the sun tho'. Just a touch, like Private Collection, which (thank goodness) does warm and sweeten on the skin just a bit. You certainly need a good bit of confidence to wear it, especially as so few of us these days go about is floor length evening dresses like the ones PC ads from the 70s and 80s. A pity.


My mom got Private Collection as a gift from one of her colleagues when it first premiered. It was not one of her favorites so it remained unused in our medicine cabinet. After a while I became curious and gave it a try . Yes, it was sharp and at times bitter, but it intrigued me and I wore it often but only in the confines of my house (somehow I knew at the time that no respectable 9 year old should be wearing this mature fragrance!). There is mention of this fragrance as a spring scent (I guess due to its sharp green accord) yet I always envisioned this one worn in the dead of winter (as Anne described during "cold, frosty mornings" or around a warm fireplace fully ablaze!).


To me PC is a fragrance to wear in winter months, I like how it changes on the skin after time, from sharp to warm and enveloping.


I've never thought of Private Collection as warm, Patricia, but it's an interesting idea to wear it in the winter...

Lydia Fox

To me, PRIVATE COLLECTION is the epitome of florals. I can just picture a bed of all kinds of blossoms & leaves and me rolling around in it going wild! I've always loved it from Day 1. I wore it on Dec.31st, 1979, to a New Year's Eve party -- a date with my lover/boyfriend/manfriend. He proposed to me and we were married June 7th, 1980. I still have PRIVATE COLLECTION (not the same bottle though) and I wear it whenever I need a little pick-me-up. It is nothing less than GORGEOUS! And I feel nothing less than GORGEOUS when I wear it!

sea wolf

"this isn't just any beauty; it's angular, a little harsh."
This is how I like to imagine myself. Maybe I need to try the perfume to match my face.
Have you tried Spellbound? Are they similar?


Its not a bad description to have, is it, sea wolf? I concur. Id have to resniff Spellbound. I have it around somewhere. Let me check! Something tells me this is much greener, though. Let me get back to you!

Kathleen Smith

Lydia Fox, like you, my boyfriend bought me Private Collection. He went to Neiman Marcus and "described" me to the Estee woman and PC is what she recommended. That was in early 1979 and we married in May, 1980. Thirty-five years later, I love wearing it and it makes my husband somewhat "nostalgic!"


I love PC. I don't wear it to work because it is strong (the way i like it) and some employees have allergy's. I wear PC during the fall and winter on days off or at night to special functions. I feel sophiscated, sexy, and mysterious.

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