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April 22, 2010



This is great - my mother had one of the Tabu perfumed lipsticks! It was a very glamorous deep red that stained your lips for days, and wow was it fragrant! It also caused my lips to swell and itch when I put it on to play dress-up, but I think it was probably the dye they used back then, not the perfume.


Flora, I totally forgot to bid on that Tabu lipstick and I wish I had, although I imagine it would do a number on your lips. THe idea is pretty glam, though!

Lauri Hersh

I think what made you itch was the degradation in the compositions of the lipstick. They do expire, you know? Anyway, I'm interested in what a perfumed lipstick would feel, smell, and look like.

Aneka Resep Kue

luxirius........ i think is very good

Tamia Duncan

Hello...I've worn Bali and Bermuda red for 50 years and am just now running out of my "Bali" stash...I'm having trouble finding it. Where can I order it? It's the only lipstick that doesn't burn the skin off my lips. Please and thank you...Tammy 4439 se 61st ave Portland Oregon 97206 503-528-0987

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