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May 02, 2010



this one seems well worth finding to try


My mother used to give this perfume to me. This is what I smelled like in junior high. It may have attracted sperm (! who knew?), but I was a good girl.



Mary, I don't think they'll be using that burgeonal tidbit about muguet's sperm-attracting abilities in an upcoming marketing campaign. But then again, Paris Hilton, Kim Kardashian, and Tim McGraw have their own scents, so I suppose anything's possible!


I have a great affection for Muguet des Bois, as it was a favorite of my mother's, and was probably my own first scent. This fragrance, and Diorissimo, evoke spring for me.


I was surprised by how much I liked it, Patty. It's so pretty and fresh. And none other than Roudnitska said it was better than his own lily. How can we argue with that? Thanks for stopping by.


I wore Muguet des Bois in the late 60's and loved it. I bought a modern bottle of it recently and was pleased to discover it smells a good deal like I remember, though it seems "lighter." Very little staying power compared to the old version, but I'm still glad to revisit it once in awhile.


Hi Damselfly. It is such a lovely perfume. I haven't smelled the modern version, but I wonder if it would get the same praise from Edmond Roudnitska that the vintage did? Talk about a compliment!


Was this the same one that was sold in drug stores in the early 70s? If so it was one of my childhood favorites and much to my father's chagrin I was overly zealous in my application of it. At the time I loved lily of the valley (and I had not yet been properly introduced to Diorissimo!!). The scent of lily of the valley reminds me of my childhood as these delicate little flowers were grown in small gardens in NYC.


Hi breathe31. Yes, even the 70s Muguet des Bois is lovely. I believe that's what I reviewed. (60s or 70s.)


I've been looking for Lily of the Valley for a
long time..Along came Mother's Day and my Daughter
surprised me with a bottle...Muguet Des Bois it's as
I remember it...Delightful...Thanks


That's wonderful, Audrey! I'm so glad she got you this. I think it's timeless and perfect for this season.


I recently got a bottle of vintage Muguet to compare with my vintage Diorissimo. Muguet was my first perfume, aside from the little nips I used to get now and then.

I found Muguet warmer than the Dior perfume, but it didn't last as long on my skin as the Dior. Also my bottle was a bit soapy in the dry down.

I hadn't smelled Muguet since I was a young teen so this was a treat!


Muguet de Bois was my first real scent, after the little cheapo Avon girl scents I had....I loved it. It was very innocent smelling!

It's funny how you have a "sense memory" of a smell that you have not encountered in 40 years or more....I'll have to look for this. Not sure I would WEAR IT, but it might nice to sniff it from time to time!


Its really beautiful and fresh, Lola. Id wear it!


i recently purchased it off of amazon....same fresh fragrance...love it...

i just wish i knew...exactly ...'where' the fragrance is being produced...
it is not listed on the coty website at all....

Diana Garcia

That was the first perfume I used in the 70's fell in love with it and so did my boyfriend, I was 13 at the time and my boyfriend is now my hubby. I wore that perfume all through most of our marriage, we are still married but the perfume is no longer available at walgreens where I used to get it. I resent lay ordered a few bottles on eBay but they smell kind of old, I wish I could find a place where they still make it. A lady at Walgreens told me it is originally from France that's where they grow Lillie's of the valley and she knew because she was from there. I guess that's where we need to look and yes I will wear it!!!

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