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May 10, 2010



Thanks for writing about Toujours Moi. I love the beautiful advertisements. I am still searching for an affordable bottle of the Corday but I did find the Max Factor edition of Toujours Moi and it is very nice indeed; long-lasting and the drydown is gorgeous. I don't find it monochromatic, except for maybe the first few minutes. The Dicios translation site is good to know about--I have been discouraged from using Google because it is so clunky.


The Corday ads are actually what drew me to their perfumes, Elizabeth. The'yre wonderful! And yes, Google Translation is inadvertantly hilarious; not so much if you actually want to know what the writer is saying! Let me know if you want to do a swap of the Corday TM and the Max Factor version you have. I'd love to know if/how they're different.


I read somewhere that if a box of perfume (or the sticker on the underside of the bottle) has a zip code for New York or whatever city the perfume was made in, then it indicates a vintage year of 1962 or later. Prior to that, zip codes weren't in use.

Hopefully, that helps date any mystery bottles of Toujour Mois that you have. Does anyone know when Max Factor did the reformulation?


Barbara, I would be happy to do a swap! Please email me and we'll set it up.

And anonymous, that is a very interesting idea. I will look at my bottle when I get home from work tonight. I often look at supposedly vintage bottles/packaging from Europe for the large lower case "e". According to Wikipedia, "It is a mark required to be appended to the nominal mass or volume printed on prepackaged goods for sale within the European Union. It certifies that the actual contents of the package comply with specified criteria for estimation." As near as I can tell, it was proposed in 1976, although I am not yet clear if that was when it was put into use. Nevertheless, it can be a useful clue.

Angela Cox

Wonderful article,thank-you.


Anonymous — thanks for that tip. I think I read that somewhere, too; thanks for reminding me! Well, my box of Toujours Moi says "Distr. Parfums Corday, Inc. NY, NY 10019 CODE 8840-02," so if that info is correct, it's post-'62. There are pen and watercolor drawings of maidens and unicorns, and when I looked at the bottle again, it has a raised relief unicorn on the glass. (When were unicorns big? I would think the '60s.) Here's a Max Factor bottle with the cap in the shape of a unicorn: http://www.worthpoint.com/worthopedia/toujours-moi-magical-musk-unicorn-perfume. Wow.

Also, I remember reading about a site that was in beta that allows you to type in the code from your perfume box and it will tell you what the year is. It only has a few brands, but it might be useful: http://datecalculator.googlepages.com/englishhomepage
Angela, glad you enjoyed this post and thanks for stopping by! And Elizabeth, we'll get in touch. When I get my camera back, I'm going to take a pic of the crazy box and bottle and add it to this post...


Fascinating! How I would love to be at home, now, reclining on my sofa whilst listening to Harry Revel and sniffing Toujours Moi! (I LOVE Habanita, so this sounds very tempting... Thanks for giving me something else to daydream about ;-) - Emma


Sounds pretty decadent, emma! Would you wear a smoking jacket and hold a cocktail? I wonder what would be appropriate...scotch and soda in a highball glass?


Hehe, I'd definitely be holding a cocktail of some description. A gin Martini is about all I can make, but perhaps a scotch would go better with Toujours Moi? (I've just won a bottle on ebay! :) Am looking forward to sniffing the Shalimar + Habanita combo, and admiring the lovely art-nouveau style bottle on my shelf - thanks for the tip). - Emma


Score, Emma! Come back and tell us what you think...while nursing a cocktail, of course.


Oh dear. This is LOVELY! It starts off quite “old” rich, deep perfume smelling, with a kind of menthol-eucalyptus element over a resinous base, which becomes a rich, sumptuous incense. Not too long after it dries to a delectable, powdery, honey-tobacco scent. So closely did it seem to resemble Habanita, though, that I tried a little Habanita on my other arm, for comparison. Habanita came out VERY vetiver-heavy – sharper and reedier, and surprisingly lacking in the tobacco-nougat aspect that Toujours Moi evokes so deliciously. I definitely get the similarity to Bal a Versailles, too: the same powdery, softly-spicy, close-wearing balsam and vanilla/tonka – sexy yet snugly at the same time. The Toujours Moi, though, lacks the “skank”/old dentures element that you have to get through in Bal a Versailles, which is of course a plus point. I only wish my bottle of Toujours Moi was bigger! But thanks for alerting me to this. - Emma


Wow, Emma. So glad you loved it. Tobacco nougat sounds delicious! I need to revisit this sucker...:)


Hello,I have a small compact, It's a carousel. the writing on the bottom is, Toujours Moi Le Carousel cream perfume net wt. .12 oz Perfume essence imported from France blended in U.S.A. Distr. parfums Corday,Inc.N.Y.N.Y.10017. It has a uncorn on the pole all in gold color, Not sure if it is Gold. Cant seam to fine anything on it could any one help Email me with Subject" "Toujours Moi Le Carousel" with any help Thanks


I used to wear Toujour moi in the 70's it was the most gorgeous smell i used to buy it from the store Barkers in Kensington, then they it was going to be discontinued so i bought 3 bottles of it, i was gutted i couldn't get it any more then i heard a little story about it on tv and i really want to buy some again but am not sure exactly which make smells like the original.


I think any of the pre-70s Toujours Moi, Karen. They're readily available on eBay. Good luck! It's a beauty, for sure.

Julia stoner

I use to wear it in the 60s. I had it in cream form that came in a tiny compact box. Wish I could find it or something like it again.


I found Toujours Moi in the 70's from Bentalls in Kingston. I could never find it again not even in France.
It was wonderful and everybody asked me what I was wearing.
Then I found it again made not by Corday but by Dana. It didn't smell as I remembered it but was identical to their Tabu.
It's nice but I thought my memory was playing tricks. Now I know that the memory in my nose is o.k. Toujours Moi just isn't the same formulation.


Hi Christina, You can find the Corday Toujours Moi on eBay for reasonable prices if you shop around. I hope you're reunited soon!

Kathleen Sewell

When cleaning out my cousin's estate, I found a small gold box of Toujours Moi partially filled with lingerie tablets. The scent is delightful, and I'm glad to learn more of the history of this fragrance. I feel lucky to have some tablets to enjoy. Kathleen


Interesting, Kathleen. I didnt know Toujours Moi were sold in the form of lingerie tablets. So girlie!


Interesting, Kathleen. I didnt know Toujours Moi were sold in the form of lingerie tablets. So girlie!


I have loved Toujours Moi since the 1960's ..

Does anyone know where to buy the 1960's version ???

Thank you for the information.

david lincoln brooks

Bubblegum: That note is created by the addition of Methyl Salicylate, an old synthetic that smells of wintergreen, like the note found in Pepto-Bismol, rootbeer, those pink candy wintergreen lozenges of yore, the wax lips of Halloween, the old Pepsodent toothpowder, and Fleer's and Dubble-Bubble bubblegum. In perfumery, it often enhances the smell of white flowers, and is also present in scents like L'ORIGAN and TABU. Mix raspberry, vanilla and methyl salicylate, and you will get the aura of old bubblegum.

Barry atkinson

Can you still buy Toujours Moi


I have smelled all three versions and I think the current Toujours Moi by Dana is a nice fragrance. In fact I think it smells as good or even better than the Max Factor version though not quite as fine as the Corday. Of course everyone's nose smells things differently. However any of the three Toujours Mois are better than 90% of what passes for women's cologne and perfume on the market today.

Brenda Frey

My granddaughter found a metal bird cage with Toujours Moi Love Birds Crème perfume in the base. It also has a ring on the top as if it were to be worn as a necklace. We would like to know when these were distributed.It does have a zip code for Parfums Corday, inc of N.Y. so I am assuming a 60's product. What can you tell us about this item. It would be quite heavy to wear as a necklace

Gayla Turnley

I have a 1/4 oz. bottle of Toujours Moi still in original box that I received as a gift in 1968. The bottle was opened but never used as I didn't care for the fragrance. I would like to give this to my granddaughter who collects perfume bottles. Is there a value on this particular bottle

Constance DeAngelis

Hi I ahave two boxes and full bottles of Possession Spraygrance Cologne by Corday 2.5 oz it is in a white plastic spray bottle cap and bottle with gold line where the cap and base of bottle meet. How might I find the age of the packaging . It is off white and yellowish with an oval emblem of a unicorn in a fenced area the oval is bordered by a gold rope, The unicorn is white and the backround is brown or burgundy. Three flowers sprout up like a tree behind the unicorn and they are either daiseys or crysthanthinums. Both the Possession and the Toujours Moi boxes are teh same except size 2. oz for Toujours moi and that is not a spray , and Possession has an included print that explains how to remove the plastic cover to refill or replace . Any idea of the age
The reference # on Possession is 770-18 and for Toujours is 872-18 both imprinted on the back of the box. Please respond or direct me to find info

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