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October 26, 2010




I'll add (ha!) that this add is the definitive proof that Que Sais-Je? was indeed for brunettes: the wavy lines of text underneath the two ladies states "Êtes-vous blonde? Amour Amour" and "Êtes-vous brune? Que Sais-Je?", so there can't be any doubt left.

At any rate, I find Que Sais-Je? drop-dead gorgeous. It's not often that an unapologetic chypre turns out that becoming!


This inspired me to sample to other vintage Patous I have more attentively. I tried in the summer, but somehow couldn't focus on them. I tried Cocktail, a kind of mean rose fruit chypre, and L'Heure Attendu, which smells exactly like a floral woodsy Indian incense oil. I didn't fall in love with either, but I was surprised by their strength of conviction.


Cheryl, Your descriptions of those two Patous sound enticing. I have only smelled Colony, and must admit it's one of my favorites. Pineapple chypre: so weird, and so right...


Hi Six, "drop-dead gorgeous" is right! Also, thanks for reminding about your beautiful blog and your own writing on Patou's Ma Collection. I added a link at the end of the post. :)

Gardenfairy Mw

I love these old Patou perfumes. Thanks for reminding me. Unfortunately I once swapped the miniatures collection for two "real" flacons with original juice inside. I still miss them....
kind regards,Martina


The minis are cute, aren't they Martina? Which one is your favorite? Nice that you have them in flacon form, though! And you can always find them on eBay, which I'm sure you know about. Thanks for stopping by!

Vintage Lady

Love Amour,Amour by Patou. I have never tried Que sais-je? I should, now I know.


Hmm, I too have heard some people compare Que Se Jais to Rochas Femme, but I disagree. It's L'Heure Attendue from the Ma Collection that smells like a dead ringer for Femme.

Que Se Jais smells a lot like Deci Dela by Nina Ricci-- all powder and peach and hazelnut.


I'm swimming in samples from a friend, including Caron Acaciosa and QueSais-je? I tried the Acaciosa first, a sweet and sour honeyed fruit and floral that is all sunshine to me, simply glorious. Que Sais-je? is all that on a chypre base. I get some amber there, too. Sumptuous.


Nice to have friends who share vintage perfume samples, julie! I havent tried Acaciosa. Sounds wonderful...


I must have 70 decants at home, courtesy of some kind "fume friends". I will surely set some aside to pass on. Caron and I get along, and who doesn't get along w/Patou?


Do a year-end sniff and re-sniff of the bounty of samples received this year. Am I getting osmanthus, in addition, here? I'm smelling something that is my impression of osmanthus, which I'll admit I'm not great at picking out, but would call a dusty apricot rather than peach.

david lincoln brooks

I have long thought that Tom Ford's MOSS BRECHES was an homage to QUE SAIS-JE? "Nostalgic" peach head descending into a smart warm, tweedy chypre.

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