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November 22, 2010


Vintage Lady

Vintage always smells better, you are right. I remember having tried this perfume a long time ago.


Interesting, I've always considered Isabella Rossellini to be one of the most beautiful women in the world, too (along with Isabelle Adjani, Iman, Gong Li, and Catherine Deneuve).

I love the original Mariella Burani fragrance, and also get a touch of mint from it. Per Fragrantica, there is tarragon in there, so it may be from that.


Hi Patty,

Isabella looks so much like Ingrid Bergman — but somehow even more beautiful! (To me, anyway. Glad you agree.:))

Tarragon very well may be in Roma; it has a very odd but appealing opening. I've never heard of Mariella Burani nor her fragrances! Maybe mint facets/notes in perfume are an Italian thing?


I have a mini bottle of perfume labeled "Laura Biagiotti" but it bears no other identification. I will have to smell it again, now that I have read your notes on Roma to see if it might be that. The little bottle holds about 5ml and is rectangular/columnar in shape. Does this seem familiar to you or any of your readers here? Thanks!


Hi Elizabeth,

Is the perfume the same color as Roma, and does the bottle look like the one in the ad? I'd Google Roma mini perfumes and see if yours is similar. She had a few others, including Venezia, but I'm not sure what that bottle looks like. Good luck!


There is also Laura by Laura Biagiotti. It's a green floral, comes in a long, teardrop-shaped bottle with a light blue cap.


Hi Elisabeth,

the first perfume by Laura Biagiotti was called "Laura Biagiotti" (1983) and the bottle was rectangular/columnar in shape, like you describe it. So you have a real collectors' item!

In fact I was looking for it on the internet because my girlfriend used to wear it, back in the eighties...

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