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November 16, 2010


Gardenfairy Mw

Oh my ! You got my all nervous and curious, as I won a small miniature of this in the Bay lately, which has not yet arrived at my desk here. I _do_ have the Antilope SoV - and I wrote about it in my perfume blog. It was not utterly pleasant and I did not like the smell of Antilope at all. I am intrigued by the Weil perfumes though, and Zibeline has proved as a favorite of mine. The old EdT as well as the Extrait. Simply wonderful and I faint with pleasure when I have it on. BTW - do you know anything about a WEil perfume named "Noir"? I am seeking "desperately" for detailed info, but can't find any.
kind regards,


Hi Martina,

Congratulations on getting some vintage Secret of Venus! I hope you write about it; I'm curious what you think! Did you get the oil, or the perfume? I don't know anything about Noir, but I'm a sucker for any perfumes with this moniker. I can only imagine how interesting Weil's Noir would be...I LOVE Antilope, but I have the EDT; not sure what the EDP would be like. As for Zibeline...stay tuned! I'll revisit it and let you know what I think. Thanks for stopping by!

Gardenfairy Mw

Gardenfairy Mw

I did already post in my blog about the Secret with the Antilope scent( http://duftreise.blogspot.com/2010/11/antilope-weil-secret-de-venus.html ). The fine thing is that the bottle is full, and in a beautiful state, so it does not really bother me if I like this scent or not - it is a nice addition to my collection anyway. I will give it a try again in a few days. I am waiting for an other one , a smaller size, to arrive in the mail soon- then I will compare the fragrances.
The NOIR by Weil is for me literally uknown by now - except that I found notes about the year of creation.
What I can say on first sniff is that it seems to be a rather tart scent with lots of hidden secrets, scent-wise too.
I will surely post when I know more.
kind regards, Martina


Is Secret of Venus anything like Youth Dew? Maybe not, if it is herbaceous. I love the image of Tallulah Bankhead, by the way.


Hi Anne,

I'll compare these two and get back to you. And yes, Tallulah is amazing...

Gardenfairy Mw

It is here ! I will post a photo soon in my Blog - two cutest small 5ml bottles, very neat ! I took a short sniff only yet, with a little on the back of my hand - and it is heavenly, fresh, green almond-y and later very seductively sweet. Just as you described it !
I will dive into it more deeply over the weekend, I hope.
It certainly is not comparable to Youth Dew, IMO, as the latter is sweeter and creamier. Two very different scents.


Enjoy your bottles Secret of Venus! I'll look for your take on it when it's out.

Veronika M. Boggess

I recently came across a small bottle marked Secret of Venus down the front center. The bottle is about 2-3/4" tall. It has a gold screw on cap with the word "WEIL" on the front towards the bottom. The bottle is square in shape with some fluting on the back. On the bottom of the bottle is a "5" or an "S". There are no other marks, names or identifying information on the bottle. I would like to know if this bottle contains SofV EDP, EDT or if it is Cologne, which I doubt. I dabbed a very miniscule amount on my left wrist, rubbed it with my right wrist. It most certainly smells as you described, however, it is not the consistency of syrup so I'm thinking it is not the bath oil. Anything you can tell me about the bottle I have would be most appreciated. I love this scent. It is dramatic and very sophisticated. I am more in tune with the richer, headier fragrances and from time to time I like to wear Youth-Dew or Shocking. Thank you so much!


I found a small bottle of Secret de Vemis "Zibeline" in a drawer, along with some WWII vintage perfumes. The others were bought in Paris, during WWII (or just after) by my great aunt who was a WAC.

I wasn't sure this was the same vintage. It is bath oil. In the original box, about 7/8ths full. I sniffed it and it's not my thing. Very "old ladyish".

I didn't know if this was as old as the others because it has English language on it, and it says "not for resale", which doesn't sound very vintage-y. It also says "Bath and Body Perfume Oil" in English on the back. Maybe something sold in PX shops during WWII? or a gift to WACs?

Interesting, anyhow. Any information would be appreciated! or the value.

Strangely, my 92 year old aunt, who kept this stuff in a drawer for 70 years (!!!) hate perfume and scent, and is allergic to everything. That's why she never touched this.


hello there does anybody have any Weils parfumes for sale?


LOVE Secret of Venus bath oil! Where do you find the original? The Miniature Perfume Shoppe doesn't have it now. I have ordered perfumes that claimed to be the true "Secret of Venus" scent by Weil, but they weren't even close. Where can I find this magical scent?


In reading the comments, I noticed many different descriptions of Secret of Venus...the original bottles of the bath oil, this was in the mid 50's to early 60's were small, round, and had an 'indented' middle...almost a 'womanly' shape.
The oil was very dark and the scent was like no other!
As a kid of about 9, I poured about half a bottle of my older sister's Secret of Venus bath oil into the tub accidentally. I tried to cover my mistake by adding water (!) to the bottle so that my sister wouldn't be furious when she came home. That's how I learned that oil and water don't mix! My sister could smell the perfume when she came in the door and we had a two story house! (Talk about a lasting fragrance!) She confronted me, guessing what happened, and then chased me around the house trying to whack me with her high heeled shoe! She was just furious as this scent was expensive! We laugh about his incident today and we both want to find Secret of Venus. Oh, what a glorious scent it had!!


I was searching for the spelling of this Oil, and that brought to mind that many years ago Tom Jones , the great , sexy, Tenor of Wales, wore this. He perspired a lot and wanted a frangrance that mixed well. Well needless to say it became his trademark......more noticeable than the panty throwing. When he heard it was going to be discontinued , he bought up all the bottles he could get his hands on. He no longer wears this, but at the age of near 76 , whatever he's wearing smells fabulous and his Voice is still phenomenal.

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