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November 17, 2010



Each person's response to the Sensory Questionnaire is unique, which is what makes reading your answers to the questions so interesting. Had to chuckle when you mentioned Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific and flavored lip gloss; had similar experiences in the past. If you are feeling truly nostalgic about shampoo, The Vermont Country Store sells the Gee Your Hair Smells Terrific.


I have had that post on Ms. Krell Kydd's blog bookmarked for a couple of weeks now. I was so intrigued by the questions but still haven't taken the time to sit down and really think about them!

Dawn Spencer Hurwitz of DSH Perfumes has a questionnaire on her website she gives to her custom fragrance clients. I did it just for kicks and it gave me some insight into what I love in a fragrance. However, the questions on GPS might help me articulate WHY I love fragrance.

I will post my answers too, and link back to GPS.

By the way, I love your blog. There are so many perfumes on here I adore (Private Collection, Silences, etc) and you have such an appreciation for them!


Hi JoanElaine. Glad you like the blog! It is nice to stop and ask yourself...why you're stopping to smell the roses. I look forward to your answers, too! Send me a link when it's up if you can...


Your incredibly smart answers got me thinking - always a perilous undertaking! So inspired by your example, I proffered up my own answers to some questions that were harder than I thought! I've linked to both your blog and Michelle's! Thank you so much for the inspiration!


Thanks, Tarleisio! I added your link, and I'll add others, too. It was indeed a great questionnaire...


Hi, Michelle. Thanks again for the Sensory Questionnaire (and your link to Gee, Your Hair Smells Terrific!). As you can see, your questions inspired lots of people to reflect on their love of all things olfactory.


Your thoughtful answers gave me a wonderful imagining of you and a peek (sniff?) into your world and life. Thank you for that!


Awww, thanks Tamara J! Hope it was a good sniff! (That sounds so wrong.) I encourage readers (and fellow bloggers) not only to answer these questions but also to share their answers with everyone. Scent is so personal, and I think we can learn a lot about one another through our mutual love of perfume. Thanks for being a loyal reader and commenter. :)

Joan (Scentsate)

Yesss, the shirt, the Dr. Pepper lip gloss, and the dirty hair especially. I didn't think anyone would admit to liking that besides me!

Lisa BTB

What great questions and answers. As I was reading I kept saying "I remember that!" LOL

Vintage Lady

Great post, Love the answers, the most real to me was when you describe "the smell of burning leaves that seems to accompany New Orleans streetcars on the move", I have been there and there is a connection of scents between this area and some areas in Haiti's countryside. I will write about this post mentioning it on my blog as I am going to write my own answers as well. And of course I will visit the links you provide. These are great questions. Thanks for sharing the link to the original post as well.


Hi Vintage Lady,

Glad you enjoyed this! I love that New Orleans smell and I'm glad you can corroborate it. I would love to link to your post and read about the scent of the Haitian countryside... Let me know when it's done...


Hi Lisa,

Glad you enjoyed the answers! It was really fun to think about past scents. One I didn't mention, but that someone somewhere else has (oh, I think Abigail from I Smell Therefore I Am and The Posh Peasant): those fruit-scented magic markers. Lordy, I loved those!

Vintage Lady

Hello Perfumaniac, I have created my entry about the questionnaire. It's in Spanish but if you are interested there is a translator on right pane. I really enjoyed doing it!. Thanks for your article.

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