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December 27, 2010



Darling this golden elixir is a witch of a scent.
Dark, brooding, it enraptures me in mossy roses and patch'.
My friend Mals sent me a leaked rollerball and I was hooked like a fish! I huffed the oily bag , it was that intoxicating to me.
I wear it and feel like a naughty nature nymph.
The black currant is a favorite note of mine, it brings sweetness without sugar, it's inky flavor buzzes from my skin like bees hovering over it's burgundy roses.
They surround my head when I wear this.
I had my oldest try my edp, she's 17 and at first , she couldn't handle the raw scent of it, it came on strong and striking.
After awhile though, she sniffed her arm again in pleasure..."Yes Mama, I like this, I know why you love it now..."

I think if anyone smelled this, they would end up feeling the same..

<3 ~T


Hey Tamara*J — that's quite an image I have of you huffing and oily bag of leaked LArte di Gucci! Anyone who loves perfume has probably done the same:) I know I have! (Also, that Mals is a pusher; I'm pretty sure the chorus that got me to try LDG was loudest on her side!)

Love your description of it, and your observation that black currant "brings sweetness without sugar." So true — and it seems to be in many a witchy scent. Mmmmmm.


I adore this one! And such great choice of music/video to go with it!!


Hi Marina. Glad you like the video! I figured, the review was so over-the-top, why not go all the way? ;)

Tina S

did you test the edt, edp or perfume?


Hi Tina, the eau de parfum.

Tina S

Thanks! What I've found so far is edt and perfume splash. Must keep searching....Love your description of it: haunting, dilaptitated. Oh yeah, my kind of perfume.


Hi Tina, You'll love it. I sent you a link. Just call me a perfume pusher. :)


I haven't tried this one and probably will never be able to, but your description/review of it makes it sound like my dream scent. I'm keeping an eye out for it now.


Hi Victoria,

You should definitely try it. You can find a mini EDP for not that much if you look around you know where! Happy New Year!


L'Arte is SO NOT ME (witness all that patchouli!) but I love it immoderately anyway. I recently described it to a friend as Kathleen Battle coloratura pink roses growing out of a Gothic New Orleans garden, complete with wrought-iron gates and a family graveyard in the corner. The patchouli is very green-herbal, though, instead of earthy-dirty, and it turns out I really dig herbal patch.

I do find it overwhelming when sprayed, and sometimes even a bit plasticky - I decant out of my big, unwieldy black bottle into a rollerball or my mini bottle. It can be so enormous, I'd hate to OD on it the way I did a few months ago on OJ Ta'if.

Still not getting the Euphoria connection... but then, Euphoria smells like Plum-Currant Angel to me, lots of that ethylmaltol stuff under the fruit. Have you tried Francis Kurkdjian's Lumiere Noire pour femme? Similar rose chypre stuff, with less of the screaming pink roses and some lovely, dirty-sexy narcissus.


Mals: I think you were the biggest cheerleader for L'Arte di Gucci, and you were right. It is wonderful and dark and beautiful. (I love that we both smell a special gothic rose associated with spooky houses and graveyards!) I guess the Euphoria connection came to me because I realized that it must have been an attempt at replicating L'Arte di Gucci for the Bebe-wearing set, but of course Euphoria is (no question) L'Arte di Gucci lite. I haven't tried Lumiere Noir, but I guess I'm going to have to! Have a wonderful and fragrant new year!

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