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December 26, 2010


Anna in Edinburgh

Ooh, I've just posted a (long) comment about Wrappings, and here is another scent that I got (Sikkim, new version).

Not sure about it yet - have to give it more testing time - but I was excited to see this review here.

cheerio, and I wish you all the best for 2011,

Anna in Edinburgh


Hi Anna,

I'll have to try the new Sikkim, but you know how I feel about reformulations...:) All the best to you in 2011, too! (Can't believe it's upon us.)


"If it’s a green fragrance, I want it to be so green as to be bitter and slightly scary. If it’s a floral, I want it indolic, overripe, and decadent. If it’s animalic, I want…well, you get the picture." Exactly how I feel! :)


Hi Marina. Thanks for stopping by. I love your blog! I'm glad to hear you, too, are an Extreme Sniffer. :)


I know Lancome has recycled names for fragrances (ie Tresor) but I didn't realize they resued their bottle shapes as well...that one bottle in the ad looks a lot like Hypnose!


Hi Amy. That's the bottle for Magie. And you're right — totally recycled! I used that old ad because I couldn't find an original Sikkim ad... :(

Mrs. Marjo Spronk,

Good afternoon,

I am wondering why the lovely perfume Sikkim from Lancome has stopped producing? I used to buy this perfume for at least twenty years maybe longer and suddenly somewhere in the eighties (last century) I couldn't buy it anymore and I had to look for replacements.Luckely for me I found it for some extra years in Zimbabwe, can you imagine, where I bought it till the moment they also couldn't sell it anymore.
But I am still fond of the smell that had suited me so well.
Since that time I use Coco Chanel and after Noa came with their eau de perfume I now decide which one I might use for the occasion or just for my daily "needs"!
Love to hear what the reason was not to continue and whether they used the ingredients in an other perfume later on.

Kind regards,
Marjo Spronk, Mrs.

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