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December 16, 2010


angie Cox

A great review to a perfume that amazed me when I first took a sniff. I think I was 17 , I had never found anything like it and my imagination soared ! I later found L'Heure Bleue was as fascinating. My nose can't compete with Octavian but I know I love them both . They are works of modern art as surely as Picasso .I just don't want vintage bottles to ever get the prices a Picasso do .


I have a bottle of vintage edt as well and was very surprised when I first smelled Vol de Nuit. I ordered it from Perfume House in Portland. They seem to have a lot of older Guerlain in stock, just as at one time they had many of the older Patou fragrances. At the time I ordered, they also had VDN the parfum extrait. I guess what surprised me was how delicate Vol de Nuit is compared to my expectations. On me, it becomes a whisper--a soft, impressionistic thing, like something viewed from a distance, maybe from a plane, flying over at night. That would make sense. What also surprised me is the conversation going on between some of these older Guerlains, which have more in common in various ways than I imagined. They inhabit a specific imaginative universe, it seems to me, and relate as different characters in the same story, with distinct personalities but maybe the same overall thematic concerns.



Interesting point about certain vintages being on the level of Picasso artworks without being in that price range. I guess when you put it like that...$375 doesn't sound so much! As for the perfume, yes, it captures the heart and the imagination, which is rare in perfume. I can't believe I had this lying around for so long without trying it. I need to dig into my stash of unreviewed perfumes more! Thanks for stopping by! Sounds like you've tried a lot of vintage. What's your top 5?


Hi Brian, I love the idea of the older Guerlains being characters in a narrative! They have the genetic "Guerlainade" in common in their perfume DNA, right? I will have to pull out Mitsouko and do a review finally. I don't know why that one resisted my words for some reason, maybe because others had spilled so much ink lauding it. I also like your idea that VdN is whispering or you're apprehending it from far away. I can understand that. It has such a strong personality, with really interesting, even radical notes that keep it from fitting into one perfume family — and yet it doesn't shout and remains elusive somehow.

angie Cox

Apologies for spelling mistakes I can't type on this new flat keyboard . Anyhow my five vintages would be :
Quadrille ( I have a small droplet in the bottom of a bottle)
Vole de Nuit ( again a small drop)
My Sin ( about 7.5ml)
L'origin ( 15mls and going fast )
Scandal( about 2mls left)
I can't say I've come across that many but last year I got lucky when an elderly lady decided she wouldn't live long enough to wear her fragrances. I owned two of them from the 1970s if that is vintage ,it's pre-reformulation at least. My new years resolution is to buy vintage only .


Wonderful review of this classic, thanks!


Sigh. Lustful Sigh.


Thanks, Mary! And yes, Cheryl, lustful sigh is right! But you can get a decant of this. That's what I have.

Angie, nice list! I've reviewed all of them but Quadrille. It's coming up so stay tuned. I got a tiny little one in those adorable "quilted" round boxes.


I've been nursing a tiny bit of Vol de Nuit EDT for literally years, and while I find the first 45 seconds to be absolutely swoonworthy, it quickly fades into a barely detectable ghost of a scent, no matter how much I apply. :-( I assume the vintage (or modern) parfum is stronger.


Hi Robin,

I have a vial of the vintage EDT, so I can't speak about the vintage perfume, but its sillage/longevity is in fact "fly by night." (Sorry, I had to.) At least it's swoonworthy while it's around!

Karin Jaschke

HI, the quotation marks make sense to me - the name is quoting a book title, sort of : )


One of the best..Christmas Edition 2011 in a poudre is very interesting! I love the inspiration based on Antoine de Saint Exuperry!



hello to all you lovely vintage collectors of vol de nuit by guerlain
i have acquired a 15 ml pure perfume, new in the brown & white box plus outer box but not sure what to sell it for as i was most surprised at the $375 price tag mentioned, should i ebay it ??
any help would be appreciated

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