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January 14, 2011


Anna in Edinburgh

Ha ha ha ha. Leo! Me? Ha ha ha ha ha (etc., ad infinitum).

What scent is an Ophiuchusian (??) meant to choose?

This will mess up that "classic" (cheesy!) song "Float on" by The Floaters. Maybe they'll record a new version? "Ophiuchus, and my name is Mud ..."

cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh


Ruh roh, Anna. I totally forgot to choose the perfume for an Ophiuchusian. Thanks for the reminder!

Lisa BTB

LOL Anna in Edinburgh, I thought about that song as well. :)

According to this astrological calender I've been bumped from Sagittarius and fall under the 'new' sign. Unfortunately I've never smelled either perfume listed. :(

Anna in Edinburgh

I didn't intend to make you think you'd missed something out, honestly, because who knows *anything* about Ophiuchusians and their quirks? Really, the Babylonians ought to have foreseen this and kept us all in the picture!

I've had "Float on" biffing about in my brain since I read this ... hey, maybe an Ophiuchusian wrote it, to confuddle us for not noticing them before?

cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh, floating off for the night.


I still feel very Taurus, sorry for the mad scientist, but I'd rather stick with Babylon. This new thing...it's like taking away a part of my identity. Never tried Givenchy III, but I found out that fragrances with a masculine note express me very well.


Anna: Didn't you like my ad hoc personality reading and fragrance recommendation? ;-)

hyacint: I doubt anyone who doesn't like her new sign will switch, hyacint. So you can stay a Taurus. But you should try Givenchy III anyway.

Anna in Edinburgh

Hi Perfumaniac,

I'm flying my fragrant freak flags in empathy with the Ophiuchusian gals, to help them feel a sense of belonging;-)

(It's the least I can do given the way I've probably mangled their name all this time!)

cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh


Wow. Per your scent assignments, my "new" cusp (Gemini/Taurus) makes more sense than the one I thought I had been (Gemini/Cancer). Diorella, I wear and love (vintage, natch); Givenchy III, I would if I had more of it (just a smidge in a vintage mini right now).

Shalimar? Dare I say (lowers voice to whisper)...I can appreciate it, but it's not really me?

Maybe I am more bull than crab.


I've never felt very Aries-like, so I'm happy to give Pisces a go. I can't stand Fracas anyway, so it's all good! I'm now seeking out some Fidji--thanks for the suggestion.


I'm totally Gemini, so I refuse to be a Taurus. :) Love your choices for the various signs!


ScentScelf: I'm so glad some of these suggestions actually make...scents. ;-)


Vintage Fidji's beautiful, Vinery. Maybe Y by YSL, too?


Glad you liked the choices, Mary! It was fun putting this together.

Vintage Lady

I have to say, I like White Linen! Virgo


I'm better at this than I thought, Vintage Lady!


Pah. I think Capricorn needs to be Chanel No. 5. Timeless, elegant and enduring. Much like us Cappies. ;)


Look, there is no way I could ever be confused with a Capricorn, so this sign rearranging is not on. But I like Chanel 19. Just not as much as 22, 5, Cristalle, Anteus, or Bois Noir. Still, on a fresh, crisp, sunny spring day--I'd wear the 19.


LOL I guess I am no longer a Leo ... and I remember that 'Float On' song too. Actually I love Poison but I also really like Tendre Poison ... and Shalimar is one that I like as well, although I like Samasara better. Oh well, it is fun to experiment at any rate. :)

By the way, has anyone found Blue Jeans by Shulton? I used it back in the 70's and cannot find it anywhere ...

glamour kitty

I got bumped from Taurus to Aries, neither of which totally fits me.
My son got bumped from Saggitarious to the new on. He was bummed out until I researched it. It is an Egyptian constellation that depicts the Snake Handler or Snake God. He was happy after that!
Very macho sign!!

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