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February 14, 2011


Caro F

My (vintage) sexy fragrances are Shalimar parfum, Bal a Versailles and Cabochard.
I recently got a mini of Diva and find it stunning.
Happy Valentine!


Happy Valentine, Caro. It all sounds good to me! I almost put Bal A V. on there...yum.

Angela Cox

My Sin , Scandal and Une Rose.


I know you love your Une Rose, Angela! I love My Sin, too...Happy Valentine's Day!


At the moment it's Arpege because *hanging head* it's the only one I have. There was an accident with my tiny collection of small bottles so I'm currently saving to replace them. I'm trying really hard to see this as an opportunity to branch out rather than stick to my beloved House of Chanel. The Arpege was a post-accident gift from my husband and I really do enjoy it. I do have the remnants of a bottle of Casmir by Chopard from my grandmother, although it is the modern formulation, and a bottle of Lasting by Revlon from when I was a teenager. But...my Chanels...
I sincerely hope that none of you ever come home to the scent monstrosity that slapped me in the face that day.


Oh, no Enjay! What happened?! What did you lose? I had a recent mishap — one of many over the past few years since I began collecting — so I know how that feels. I'm currently working on a review of a pristine vintage Madame Rochas mini that I was thrilled get, and I kept it in my purse so I could pull it out and sniff it throughout the day. Well, one day I reached in...and the pocket of my purse was soaking. The top of the bottle had somehow snapped off from the rest, and I lost all the contents. Sigh. Anyway, you can look at this as an opportunity to branch out, but its hard to lose those perfumes, I'm sure.


(So sad for Enjay!)

Fun post, B! My list of sexy perfumes is pretty small, and the list of vintage sexys is smaller:

Bal a Versailles
the drydown of vintage Arpege parfum (The CEO won't come near me until the overripe florals are gone...)
vtg No. 5 parfum

Marc Jacobs Daisy (I know, I KNOW, The CEO is freaky, but this thing invariably and inexplicably gets me nuzzled in the most ungentlemanly fashion. There will be hands.)
JHaG Citizen Queen (my go-to, get-some-loving scent, because this one has the same effect as Daisy and I like it better)
MFK Lumiere Noire pour femme (because it has a similar effect on ME, and The CEO is appreciative - I think it's similar to Diva and L'Arte, but more warm and less rococo)
Organza Indecence (the definitive, edited, quote: "You smell like a xxxxable cinnamon roll.")


I need to archive your comments, Mals, or get a list from you. You know about perfumes I've never heard of! (As for Organza...I'd love to smell like a cinnamon roll!)


Great perfume list you have here. I have fun of collecting perfumes, specially those vintage with unique fragrance. Having a nice scent of perfume will enhance your confidence specially if you in a huge crowd.


I thought Beyonce Heat was my favourite. But Shalimar just has such a sexy scent on my wife that it's my new ATF! I know they`re not in the same league. . ..... Thanks for introducing me to all these new fragrances to buy as gifts.

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