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February 12, 2011



Any idea of date? 1980s? Interesting idea, but was the fragrance a success? Gay friends of mine in the 80s were wearing Fahrenheit and Aramis and Kouros and Eau Sauvage. Just like straight men (and women, in the case of Eau Suavage!)

Queen Victoria banned fragrance for lesbians didn't she? :)


There are so many interesting things to address in your comment, Anne, I don't know where to begin! OK, first things first...Queen Victoria banned fragrances for lesbians?? Please say more!

As for the date, I would guess late 70s, early 80s. (UPDATE: 1978.) And yes — it's a little insulting to think that gay men would wear some cologne that ghettoized them (and probably stunk) when they had an array of amazing scents to choose from.

I wear Aramis and Eau Sauvage, too, BTW!


Gee, you didn't have much else to say about that one!

My gay friends wear Perry Ellis 360 Red. It's nice in a cheap way. But yeah, it does kinda seem like the guys have all the fun in that respect too. Lesbians seem to be less loud and less flashy than gay men in general, like straight women are quieter than men.


Haha, Joan. I know you guys are not used to me spitting out one-liners — but rather 300-liners. :-)

I just found it and thought it was hilarious. I have a feeling it didn't do so well, because I couldn't find out anything else about it. My gay friends — men and women — are fragrance snobs who compare ouds like vintages of Chateau Neuf du Pape, so it's doubtful REO would have avoided their scorn, much less intrigued them.

Let me know if you ever knew a REO wearer...and give him my apologies. Ba dum ching!

angie Cox

Whoever was marketing that must have been mad,naive ,greedy and stupid. I don't know any gay male friends who don't wear Lutens, Guerlain etc. I'd "love" to have a talk to the" genius "who thought this one up !


like the speedwagon??


Hi Angie, this "genius" has probably moved on to market more things the world needs, like the Fushigi anti-gravity sphere, the Snuggie blanket/robe, and the Shake Weight battery-operated dumb bell.

Flippy, I'm sure it was influenced by REO Speedwagon, but could never achieve their greatness.


Hi again, sorry, was too flippant wiht my Queen Victoria remark. I grew up in the state of Tasmania (in Australia) where a very old bit of legislation existed (finally repealed I think) that banned homosexuality. It did not cover lesbianism because, so the story went, Queen Victoria could not be convinced that such an 'outrage' could exist. That was the story anyway!

As for the fragrance, it is a product of its time like any other I suppose, and late 70s early 80s was a time of emerging gay pride. So I can sort of see it ... Anyway, thanls for the great discussion.

Account Deleted

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That ^^ is spam.

Sea Wolf

Notice that women aren't similarly insulted by the likes of Virginia Slims or Charlie even, trying to monetize on the newfound liberated identity? Just a thought! Funny advert for sure.

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