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February 24, 2011



The Ricci and Katie Perry examples seem to demonstrate vulgarity having won out over elegance and wit. But perhaps we should not read too much into all these. The Kenzo is a beautiful bottle, an improvement, I think. And JPG's idea for those Classique bottles may not be original but they can be lovely, and fun. I wish I liked Classique more, but there is no way I'm buying perfume just for the bottles!

How did the wind up perfume work? I don't get that ...


Hi Anne. I agree that this could be read too nostalgically, as in, "Everything was better in the past!" I do love the Fragile bottle, and the Nasomatto bottle appeals to the earthy gal in me, so there's that...

As for the Lucien Lelong Orgueil bottle (seen here: http://yesterdaysperfume.typepad.com/yesterdays_perfume/2010/03/wild-vintage-perfume-bottles-a-sampler.html), there's a tiny dancing couple in the perfume, and you can wind up the bottom, and they twirl and dance inside the perfume like a ballerina would in a jewelry box. Amazing and crazy. It was very expensive, I remember...


Great bottle comparisons!

Sometimes when I see a Chloe bottle, I do a double take, thinking I've just seen Balenciaga Le Dix. Admittedly, the Chloe is squarer, but still, those "columns" are awfully similar.


What's old is new again, Vinery! Speaking of Chloe, I just wrote about it, and the old bottle is totally different and really beautiful. But it's reminding me of something...


Aaww, I have fond memories of the Max Factor "Sophisti-Cat" packaging. I was fascinated by those kitties when I saw the display in our local drugstore. Didn't want it for the perfume, of course, just the cat...


Hi Patty, that's pretty cute you remember that. I like Sophisti-Cat, too. She is more warm-blooded and cuddly looking than Katy Perry's Cat-bot!

Timothy McIndoo

I was struck just the other day by a new pair: Expressions by Reese Witherspoon, Love to the Fullest Extent and the 70s vintage Shulton cologne series called Nine Flags.


Do you have any links or images, Timothy?


Here's a link to an old ad for all of the original Nine Flags:

Here's a link to one in the latest series of Reese Witherspoon fragrances:

While the RW bottle has a shorter neck and type across the middle, both are reminiscent of the orb, an ancient symbol of power.

Larissa Dobbin

Perfume bottle's designs are like clothes. They're coming back anytime, and become popular in the market again. You know it's really hard to judge a masterpiece if it's a copycat. Maybe the idea for designing a perfume bottle was inspired with another craft.


Oh man--my aunt had the Max Factor Sophisti-Cat, and kept it on her dresser for decades--I think she finally threw it away when she not only didn't have a daughter, but no granddaughters, either. My first memory of it would have been mid-60s, and I don't know if it was still made then or if she'd already decided to keep the bottle because it was so cute. The scent is so-so, but the bottle is absolutely one of the most adorable perfume bottles, ever.

Thanks for the memory!


Great lists and comparison of perfume bottles. It was fun reading your post and comparing the bottles of this elegant and exquisite perfumes. I do not care what the container looks like its the fragrance that matters most.


Fabulous! I personally put a great consideration with the perfumes bottle, I love to collect perfumes especially if it comes with a classy and unique bottle container. Fabulous bottles are more attractive and adds extra appreciation and desire.


You might find it interesting to check out the different versions of Schiaparelli' 'Shocking' torso bottle: http://tiny.cc/ki925


I know I am new here and don't want to ruffle any feathers but the Max Factor's cat is not a bottle. It is just a little felt kitty statue so how could the Purr and Meow bottles be copy-cats?


Hi mrskj2, You have a good point. I wasn't really thinking of the ordinary-shaped bottle inside the Sophisti-cat felt cat (even though it's right there in the picture!). But I bet that the shape of the Katy Perry bottle (and the idea to make it a cat) came from the Max Factor original; they look too much alike.Thanks for pointing this out, though!

Rob Feckler

As the saying goes, “Nothing beats the original.” The new ones have really done well in trying to revive the looks of the vintage bottles, but I would still have to give it to the vintage bottle. @Larissa, I totally agree with you, and when they return, they will just make some adjustments and then they’re back in the market.


Hi Rob: There are definitely beautiful perfume bottles now, of course, but copycats generally tend not to be so interesting. (I do love that Jean-Paul Gautier snow-globe bottle, though. It is awesome!) Thanks for stopping by.

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