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March 06, 2011


Anna in Edinburgh

These (JSW 3 and 2) sound so good that I wonder why they were discontinued? I'm not likely to get to try them but I'll certainly keep an eye out for them, just in case:-)

cheerio, Anna in Edinburgh


Hi Anna,

Maybe these Jil Sanders were discontinued because they came out during the Boucheron, Poison, and Rumba era, when perfumes started to get fruity and bombastic.

They retain a 70s affection for green notes and a 40s affection for leather-chypre-animalic qualities, both of which are pretty masculine in character. Feminine perfumes were in drag in the 80s, so I could see how these might not fit in. They're a little too dry, androgynous, and low key. I bet they'd succeed now if they were re-released.

In any case, I may have Jil Sander Woman 4 coming my way, so stay tuned! I think I'll stop there...


So was there a Jil Sander 1? Presumably it was just called Jil Sander ...

Great reviews - these both sound wonderful. My experience of harsh leathers is limited to Azuree, which is just a bit harsh for me. If Jil Sander 3 is gentler, it would be more attractive to me. I love the androgyny - and your postmodern comment about having the seams showing!

Those ad photos are interesting, especially the one for JS2. An oddly off-centre image of a woman who looks quite indifferent to the idea that she is selling perfume. She looks like she was waiting for a bus. That is so appealing, when you compare it to the aesthetic used to advertise those big 80s power scents you mention.

Also, in a quick online search I noticed that JS3 seems much easier to come by than JS2. Was JS2 a commercial flop?


Hi, Anne. I did enjoy these perfumes a lot. And yes, if you think Azuree is too harsh, you will definitely prefer 3 to 2. As for the ads, they're images from Jil Sander fashion ads, but not perfume. I couldn't find anything for the perfumes, which is not surprising. Coming up in a few days — Jil Sander 4! And then I'm done with her for a while. :-)


Am I wrong-- is Jill Sander 4 an 80's perfume? If there's ever been a perfume that conveyed pastels, power pearls, and shoulder pads, JS4 is it to me-- and, somehow, I love it!! It may well be the fruitiest scent I can honestly say I love.

As usual, I was completely ignorant about JS 2 & 3-- it'd be so fun to try them...


Hey Rita,

How are you?! I will have to send you a private message so we can truly chat. Yes, JS4 is 80s — all of em I think. I'm wary of fruity scents, but I'm going to give it a try! Funny how 2, 3, and 4 get progressively sweeter. I know you liked Bandit, and 2 was really Bandit-esque. You'll hear from me shortly! Thanks for stopping by.


I wore JSW3 and adored it. I still have my empty bottle and love to sniff and take in the memory. I have never found another scent quite like it.


The image of someone sniffing an empty bottle is so sad, Nicolibba! But I understand. It's beautiful!


I can answer your first question: because there are some of us out there who owned and love these scents and who would give the world to feel again young and careless and go out with the same feeling we had when we wore them the first time. For me perfume is a feeling and I try to hold on to the feelings I enjoy. Being young and able to conquer the world is something unique. Jil Sander III goes for me with this feeling - fresh, powerful, special. It was a very woody fragrance to me, but it seemed greener back then. Recently I bought an old tester and now it seems to me rather bitter and herbal. Still very nice and special, but it feels like the scent grew old...

Anat Vardimon

Coriandre & Jil Sander W3 were my daily-mytical fragrances. Coriandre still is. Never found similar scents; both (summer/winter) are my signature scent. since i can't find W3, only Coriandre left, summer & winter...
Thanks! this artical was an intelectual ( & a bit painfull...) pleasure.


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