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July 11, 2011



Damn I should stop reading this blog. It is ruining my perfume budget and may soon move on to the household budget (just kidding!). I do see Nocturnes around the place, but as is so often the case, it's hard to know what vintage you are getting.

I love the way you write about perfume - 'coconut to fatten things up'; 'scratch from sandal wood'.


Awww, thanks Anne! Nice to hear from you. Nocturnes is really beautiful, and a rep for Penhaligons told me perfumer du jour Bertrand Duchauford loves it — so it must be great! ;-) But really, it has such a nice balance and complexity, while still remaining fresh. So wonderful...


Barbara- a heartfelt thanks for your prompt review on one of my all time favorites! I knew that it just had to be you to write this review, as only you could do it so poetically,which is why I got a hold of a vintage mini so that I could send you a sample (ulterior motive!). I thoroughly enjoyed reading your take on what I always deemed to be an unusual floral. I wore it with reckless abandonment from the age of 18 into my mid-20s and it suited my personality at the time ( I was an ingenue and not a femme fatale back then, yet secretly wishing to be that "dangerous lady"!). Yet, having re-discovered my love for Nocturnes I am wearing it now and find that it suits me, twenty plus years later. It is a soft floral but on my skin it dries down to something quite rich and buttery. Indeed, the name has always been a bit of an enigma to many. I believe that I read somewhere that the original name was slated to be "Zelda" which would go with the art deco motif on the original black boxes and the shape of the bottle. In any event, much gratitude from me and I hope that you are enjoying the other goodies as well!


Ann- yes, you must give Nocturnes a try! I am not sure if it has been reformulated but the current Nocturnes is housed in the traditional Caron bottles with the gold cap and comes in the white box with gold dots. The original Nocturnes (which I have- you can get a mini for under $8 at perfumela.com) came in a spray bottle shaped as a rectangle with a black top and the box was solid black with a small square shaped brightly colored art deco motif on it. They also had an EDT splash which came in the same shape as the bottle above (which I believe is parfume) but it was clear instead of black. I would recommend you try the vintage. If you do, let us know what you think!


Thanks again, Brigitte, and I will indeed dip into the many other perfumes you so generously sent! Also, Zelda would have been a better name! I mean, Nocturnes is a beautiful name, but the perfume seems like the opposite of a nighttime perfume...


Definitely not an evening scent...I always viewed Nocturnes as a classy (and classic!) floral daytime scent that was always easy to "go-to" no matter what the occasion, loved by all who smelled it on me and was very "non-offensive" to those allergy prone individuals who did not like fragrances on others.


Thanks so much Brigitte, that is just the info I need. Sigh. My July perfume budget is all spoken for, so Nocturnes will top of the list for August. (I'm trying to be VERY good!)

Sally Gannett

I just noticed this website, and have not been able to stop reading the vintage fragrance reviews all afternoon. Fascinating and well written! In my reading through the reviews, I could not help but think back to my boyfriend of 20 years ago who bought me a bottle of a particular Caron perfume, and I could not recall the name. Imagine my surprise to click on your home page and sure enough, that is the fragrance: Nocturnes de Caron! It is a truly beautiful fragrance. The bottle was purchased in 1992 or '93 and unfortunately I no longer have it, but would be interested to know if it has been reformulated. From reading through your reviews, it is sad to me to note that so many fragrances have been reformulated and thus lost their original character, notes, and quality.


Hi Sally, so glad you're enjoying Y'sP! I was given this Nocturnes sample, but Basenotes readers who were fans say that the reformulation is indeed different, and definitely not better. I just assume all perfumes that have been reformulated aren't as great as the originals. Finding a vintage on eBay should be easy. Just make sure the bottle resembles the one above, or, if it's a spray, has a colorful label. (Just Google-image "vintage Nocturnes.") The following is NOT vintage: http://tinyurl.com/4ygadxt. Good luck!


Sally- the vintage EDT splash will look like the bottle above but is clear (versus black). The EDT sprays are also in a clear rectangular bottle with a black top. The box that the vintage comes in is all black with a very colorful small,square shaped art-deco design about 3/4 up the top. The reformulation is housed in the traditional Caron bottle which is clear,oval shaped with a gold top and is in a white box with gold dots. Good luck with your search!

Perfume Shop

Thank you for this great review. I´m tempted to try it now. :)


You should, but vintage only!


Ah, another magical scent which is a masterpiece and not as well known/loved as others by Caron. i received my first bottle when I was very young, from a friends mother as a birthday gift, and have loved it ever since. It always seemed to convey that certain aura of understated elegance and refinement, the certain something that is inherent to all great French fragrances. I would strongly concur with others and suggest seeking out the vintage formula as the newer lacks much of the original's sparkle and facets.


I haven't tried the new Nocturnes, Gabrielle. I sound like a broken record, but I just wish they'd just leave the formulas alone...


Where can I purchase Nocturnes De Caron Body Lotion (milk)?


Angela-vintage Nocturnes body products are nearly impossible to find,even through online discount retailers. I would suggest that you try e-bay.


Bottle of 'deco box' Nocturnes coming my way thanks to your review and the genius of eBay. Looking forward to sniffing :-) thanks as ever for your brilliant blog. Emma


Hi Emma. I'm glad someone else around here appreciates eBay. (And of course I'm glad you enjoy Y'sP.) Come back and tell us what you thought of NdC!

Marta D'Avila

Gostaria de adquirir o perfume citado. Como devo Fazer? Não
tenho encontrado mais nas lojas.


eBay, Marta. Although Im not sure if it ships to where you live. Overseas?


Я влюблена!
Он элегантен!
Он сводит с ума и кружит голову!
Ночи с ним незабываемы!
Всё что я люблю в нем!
Я хочу его всегда и ищу повсюду!
Мой обожаемый НОКТЮРН ДЭ КАРОН!!!

Maria Victoria Ferro Vasquez

No hablo ni escribo frances ni ingles, me gustaria me informaran en Colombia en que sitio podria comprar el perfume Nocturno de Caron, hace unos años lo distribuia Laboratorios Sanicol pero este desaparecio. Estoy muy interazada en volver a usa dicho perfume. Muchas gracias.


María, no estoy seguro de si los buques de eBay a Columbia. Usted debe verificar con miniatureperfumeshoppe.com porque usted puede encontrar Nocturnos de Caron allí. ¡Buena suerte! (Maria, Im not sure if eBay ships to Columbia. You should check with miniatureperfumeshoppe.com because you can find Nocturnes de Caron there. Good luck!)

Omar Faruq

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Love this, and yes, it is both well-behaved and interesting. I get some ginger in there, too.

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