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February 28, 2012


Tina Stump

I couldn't find your contact info! You are in mentioned in my email from CosmeticIndustry.com!!


Hi Tina, It's hidden in my profile information!

Perfume Lover

I love the smell of cloves but I don't think I've ever smelled carnation. I really want to try this classic. It sounds spicy and delicious!

Perfume Lover

And the colors on that ad are gorgeous.


I love the poetry of Plath. Hearing her read 'Fever 103' gave me chills up the spine. Too soon gone from us.

I must put modern Poivre on my try list. I'm pretty sure I had a sample some time ago, but don't really remember it. I have and adore Bellodgia, and generally enjoy carnation very much.


Hi Perfume Lover: I wonder if carnation will ever make a comeback in perfumery. It does smell very retro. Give it a try! I just ordered Serge Lutens Vitriol d'oeillet, which is a modern rendition. Poivre is hard to find, but maybe the new formulation is nice? I'll have to try it.


Hi Vinery. Carnation is a tough note for modern noses, I think. I love its warm spiciness though. I need to give modern Poivre a try too. As for Plath — yeah. Not all poets are good readers, but her delivery is terrifying, like a lot of her poetry!


I love, I love, I love, I looooooove carnation. So sad that the fresh flowers don't have that amazing green-floral-spicy smell nowadays (though I sometimes manage to find white carnations at the florist that smell wonderful).

I have a sample of not-vintage but pre-IFRA-eugenol-crackdown Poivre, and it is All That. Also have a small decant of Floris Malmaison, gorgeous spicy stuff. Still keeping that eBay search for Blue Carnation... I thought Vitriol d'Oeillet was perfectly nice - just nice, when I was expecting a spicy-woody carnation explosion.

If you have come to appreciate carnation, you might really enjoy DSH Oeillets Rouges. It's my favorite carnation fragrance.


Hi Mals, Poivre is indeed ALL THAT. As is clove and carnation. I'm looking forward to my sample of Vitriol dOeillet, but I was hoping it'd be more than nice. (Seems like if anyone could do carnation justice, it'd be good ol Serge.) There has to be a bit of savagery to clove/carnation scents, which is why Bellodgia doesn't work for me. I want carnation in the foreground, not the background. I'll have to try the other carnation scents you suggested. As for Blue Carnation, it's a wallop of carnation for sure. Not very nuanced, but still interesting. I might have a teensy bit for you to try. I'll get back to you on that.

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I really want to try this one..

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